Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Princess Rainbow got hit by a car. If one had to die then why did it have to be her? She let me hold her. She was sweet but timid. Hopefully the other three I got fixed won't have to be scooped out of the street first thing in the morning.

I'm bummed.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


So this month and last month at craft group we made pornentines and other crafty items using glue, glitter, paper, and boobies. This one is the best, and I am going to use it to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all get to see some boobies and Claire I hope this doen't scare you too much.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cat trap fever

So, I decided I needed a new hobby. Don't get me wrong, sewing is great and all, but I need something else to do while I'm doing stuff. So I decided to start a cat trapping program on my street. So i caught one on my very first night! I wasn't surprised because i bought super stinky wet cat food and made a trail to the trap. And I caught one within two hours! But, you know whats embarrassing? Embarrassing is when you pick up the feral cat from the vet and they tell you that its been fixed before. Then you have to tell the next door neighbor "Sorry, I accidently got your cat fixed, again. Oh and they took part of her ear too. But the good news is she's up to date on her rabies shot. Oh, and don't feed her a lot for tonight and keep an eye on her for 48 hours. Oh and here's some newspapers for her litterbox. Sorry, bye!"

Now that that one is out of the way, I gave it another shot tonight. I set the trap and then went inside about my business. I caught two! In two traps of course. And of course one of them is the one-eyed pirate cat from next door also. But the good news is that I caught this big manly man in the picture above and tomorrow he gets his first car ride! Hopefully I can catch another tonight and make the trip worthwhile.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

So, first let me start by apologizing for being slack lately. I know, I know.

Now, onto the real stuff...
Today we went to Chinese New Year Celebration at the Chinese Cultural Center in Chamblee (Chambodia). It was pretty cool but it was mostly food and crowds and pushy little ladies in orange.
We got there around one and paid our 5 bucks to enter and we received 2 dollars off our snacks. So we proceeded to scan all of the delicious food vendors. I got some sort of sausage wrapped in a noodle and fried and covered in sauce for a dollar and then a bowl of dumplings for 2.50. Olivia got some disgusting bean soup that tasted like saltless boiled peanuts with sugar water. GROSS. And then she got some boba tea/bubbletea which is also disgusting. Its like green thick sauce with sugarless unsweet gummy bear things floating in it. And they had all kinds of grody flavors. I don't know how I'll make it in Singapore but I plan to bring some snacks just in case I can't make it. Jane ended up buying a ton of food to bring home and eat all week. She's a smart lady.
While I was at this Chinese center we went upstairs to see some wares. Well, the little cut out man in glasses to the left was hanging on the wall and it was amazing. I love construction paper and I love this little kid's art. We also saw little dancing girls who were adorable. Even the unfortunate girl with the humungous ears was adorable but mostly because she was so serious about her dance moves.
Last but not least is this awesome little man. If I was a China man i would try to wear this every day. He reeks of wisdom.

This fest is going on tomorrow too so go check it out! Its down Buford Highway on Johnson Road or something like that. I'm sure you can google it but if you turn left after the Buford Highway flea Market you'll end up almost right there. Just listen for fireworks.