Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just because I can

I am adding this picture of Clete to the world of blogger. I'm pretty sure he doesn;t stalk me but I will take it down if he wants. This photo makes me happy for so many obvious reasons.
So I want to tell you about my weekend. I am dogsitting for Amanda. She has 5 dogs. One is a monster of a hyper husky and he mauls me every time I go over there. He's brutal so I have to bring dirty clothes that he can ruin. I am also dogsitting for Ashley. Scott's helping out on that one because she got a super dope house and leaves us food. Amanda's house is rad too but I'm not as good of a friend with her so I hesitate to really get comfy. With all of that I plan to rent the big quilt machine on Saturday. The East Atlanta Strut is coming in a month and I have to make some stuff STAT! So I'm going to try and finish all of my promised baby blankets and really bust it out! Sunday I am cleaning the tiny house. My tenant is being inconsiderate and I plan to go in and scrub his nastiness away. If I ever rent to you, you better not be as dirty as he is! Sorry this blog isn't fantastic but whatever. I'm eating cake.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My birthday!

So, since I've been stressed I lived it up for my birthday. It was last Thursday and it was rad. I had made a deal with a coworker that we would make cakes for each other. I made her a strawberry shortcake and she got me my favorite: a cookie cake from the great american cookie company. She asked for the impossible in an effort to get a cakewreck but the designer actually succeeded in writing "You better use it before you lose it don't throw it away heyhey hey" which is perfect because its a Motley Crue lyric. I also got cake from work and on Sunday a cake from Jimmy. Thats 3 cakes! Later that night I went to the imperial fez for dinner. We ate so much food and it was weird but deliciously so. The belly dancer needs a sandwich though.

Friday I left work early, scooped Lanie up and we went to the mountains. My baby was still drugged up and needed some rest and relaxation so my friends loaned me their cabin. They are A+++!!!! We did virtually nothing all weekend. I promised not to tell anyone but Scott and I actually did a 1000 piece puzzle. Thats the excitement. And it was fantastic!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Damn y'all

I'm stressed. So I'm putting it out there for you to all shower me with sympathy because my life is so hard.
1. My doggie has been in pain and after a 3 hour lunchbreak taking her to the vet I now know that she has a rotten gross broken tooth. Its way in the back. She has surgery tomorrow but right now she's in doggie heaven on her pain pills. Cost: a fortune. A small one though.
2. My tiny house tenant hasn't paid all his rent. He's moving out so I need him to either pay the rent or move out. Dawdle dawdle.
3. I have to do major work to the tiny house. I need to put in windows and stain and seal the floors. The floors are no problem (I say that but don't mean it) but the windows are seriously freaking me out. We want to try to do it ourselves but I'm second guessing my decision. Should I spend the fortune in cash or in tears?
4. The Strut is coming up. We still don't know if we're in or not and if I am in, I have some MAJOR sewing to do. But since they won;t tell me, I still don't know.
5. Scott's house is getting foreclosed so he's moving in. I know that everything: sewing, window installation, moving, etc. will happen all in like 1 week and kill me so its really driving me crazy. Plus scott doesn't know how to pack and move a little at a time.

Does anyone know where I can get some extra hours in the day or maybe someone can recommend a get rich quick scheme?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rent Boys reunion show

Last week I went out with Olivia. She is one of my BFF's. We have fun always.

Anyway, we went to the Rent Boys show. I kinda didn't want to go because I now hate live music because it hurts my left ear real bad. Sometimes my right ear too. And ear plugs feel funny. But Heather was going to of course I HAD to go. Luckily my powers are strong and the door guy let us share a ticket since we were so late. Olivia had to work until 12ish so we missed most of the rock. The Rent Boys were good but I was more impressed by the people watching. I saw people I haven't seen in 5 or more years. And lots of them have not aged well at all. There were chunky people and old looking people and people I should have recognized but did not immediately. I like to think I'm still holding my shit together even if I am blowing up like a blimp and threatening big girl sizes. By the way, someone tell Greg King that he is too old for tight pants and 18 year olds. He's like 40!

After we decided we were done looking at people looking silly and acting 23 we went to the Majestic. Olivia and I love to go there because the people watching is one of the best spots in town. We lucked out because the couple in the booth next to us was fighting and the guy threw fries at his lady friend and he slapped the wall a few times and generally carried on like a douche. We tried to get the waiter to go get the scoop for us but he wouldn't.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I learned a lesson this weekend

Sometimes you have to admit that you can't do everything. I worked on it for 3 hours to try and smooth out the choppy ragged edges but apparently I am a poor barber/animal groomer. Poor Lanie suffered at the cutting end of the clippers this weekend as I mercilessly hacked up her beautiful sniny black coat. She now looks like a 90 year old cancer dog or like some mangy mongrel. Her coach collar will look so dumb on her now! Luckily she's not letting it get her done. She said "Eh, it'll grow back". Ah, to be young and carefree...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh yeah, I forgot to brag about my latest quilt

This little baby blanket was made for my coworker. She had her little baby last month. I was a tad bit late but she was a tad bit early so its not entirely my fault. anyway, I wanted you all to see the cute owl quilt!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dreamy time

I'm on my way to internet fame. Well, maybe not, but let me dream. Speaking of dreams, and no I didn't just plan that excellent segueway (sp?), I got invited to join a blog-group! I just made my first post and I plan to get better about updating this one too. Its just a pain to upload my camera photos. Anyway, go here.