Friday, May 29, 2009

Taxidermy Museum

On Roadside America I found this story about a taxidermy museum in Frankin NC. It was filllled with wonder and excitement. Mr. Three-fingers told us all about hunting in Africa and fishing in Costa Rica. He's named three fingers because a)I don't remember his name, b) someone called while we were there and asked for him by that description, and c) he only has 3 fingers. See, a while back he lost a couple of digits in a shark hunting incident involving a "boom-stick". So, Mr. 3F told us lots of interesting stories. He told us about the badger he saw on the side of the street. He wanted to pull the RV to a screeching halt. Instead he was forced to drive up to the next exit and loop around which took considerable time. Then he had to make the big sacrifice for the greater good. See, when you decide to taxidermy a roadkill it needs to be fresh and you have to hope there isn't a lot of bruising because that ruins the hide. Then you need to throw it into as deep of a freeze as you can as quickly as possible. So Mr. 3F was forced to eat a whole box of ice cream sandwiches in order to make space in the tiny freezer in the camper that they had hooked onto the truck. By the way, the badger was simply wonderful. He was black and white and looked sort of like an exotic raccoon!
At the museum I also met a jackalope. He wanted to come home with me but i just didn;t love his nose. It should be soft and pink but this one was a bit too pinched and it was black. While I love a black dog nose, this jackalope was not the one for me.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Asheville pt.1

So, I went to Asheville 2 weekends ago. It was part vacay and part family trip. My sister got married and I went to visit a friend for a day and a half before the event.
I arrived on Thursday evening and we took this silly funny comedy bus tour called LaZoom through Asheville. It was cute and at 11 bucks each (its usually 22 but we had a buy one get one deal) it was worth it just to catch this picture of a man-nun chasing us on a tall bike! You can bring beer and wine on board!
We also saw a ghost!

So the next morning we got up early and drove along the blue ridge Parkway. We drove through mountain tunnels and saw a wild turkey! Its cool how obviously the landscape and environment changes when you go up in elevation like that. When we stopped to see this waterfall we also saw some cool slime molds! Theses yellow mushroomy things are only about an inch out of the water. YUCK! We continued on our way towards our next destination: The Taxidermy Museum! Stay tuned for a blog on that next!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm so sorry

I have missed you as much as much as you miss me. Rest assured that I will soon return! I have been painting my house and the computer was dismantled. I have stories of taxidermy, circling bears and weddings! Hold on to your hats, I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Expressing herself

Last night I picked Turkey up from the vet. She apparently did not have fun and was terrified. When the manager tried to get her out of the run she wouldn't budge so her went to scoop her up. Well, her terror made her do some self-expression of the glands all of over him. He brought her out and i smelled it right away! When he came back with Eggroll I asked if she needed her glands expressed and he politely said "they've been expressed" and I was like "oh, was there a problem?" and he calmly said no, she was scared and expressed then quite clearly to me just now. I apologized to him and then patted turkey on the head "oh good girl, you saved mommy 20 bucks!!!"

Poor guy. Butt juice smells like a dead fish in a plastic bag in my truck in the summer.

Oh, and turkey got a bath.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was going to post an awesome new blog but i have spent the last 2 hours killing flies. I went out of town for 2 days and my house has turned into amityville horror! Its god getting back at me for gouging out the eye of an angel fish.