Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Lanie! I thought you were 13 but maybe you're 12. I was so busy celebrating I didn;t get your pic up until today, 2 days late! Everyone call her and wish her a happy birthweek!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Super Florida Vacation 2008: wedding day

So I know I'm running late, whats new...

So the wedding day was beautiful out! I took a fantastic walk on the beach and then I walked a few doors down and stole the hotel pool. All of the hotels were small with like 8 rooms each, so of course ours did not have a pool. But it was at the location of the wedding so we were in the heart of the action. I went to the pool and read for a while but the water was still arctic. I was really hiding out so I wouldn't be put to work like everyone else. I'm sure I can build a dance floor but I'm also sure I didn't want to. Scott was busy making fruit trays and wandering around getting supplies at radio shack and stuff, so I just relaxed.

As you can see, the wedding was VERY hippy. Not your traditional wedding at all. The bride is Peruvian and the groom is from the states. But he was raised in Mexico for a good bit of time so they make a good match. Everything was very colorful and bright with streamers fluttering in the air and there were a ton of Thai decorations brought by Todd who is currently living there. Scott got to play drums with Bob Marley's first cousin while everyone was arriving. He was super stoked. The lady officiating the ceremony was spiritual in ways I am not and also expressed that spirituality in ways that are weird to me. She did a smoke offering to the directions and then there was a chant that was supposed to mimick our heartbeats and make all of our hearts beat together or some shit like that. It didn't match my heartbeat but I'm not the one that mattered there so its cool. Anyway, there was a neat little candle part of the ceremony and then there was the kiss and the the PARTY!

We ate sooo much food. There was a ton of fruit and Priscilla made a million empenadas. Then the dinner was salad, asparagus, potatos and deeeeeelicious beef! The dancing lasted til 2 in morning. People were up til dawn. I was not as I am a big baby but I did participate in the 70's disco party and the old school hip hop dance party. Check out the conga line! It was a good time.