Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This Saturday! nov. 3
all you can eat chili + crafts/art.

and don't forget: This Thursday, Kraftwork at Youngblood Gallery!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kraftwerk this Thursday!!!!

Hey everyone who lives in Atlanta...I'll be at Kraftwork selling my wares this Thursday. Kraftwork is Youngblood Gallery's ( monthly craft night where its free for us crafters to set up and sell sell sell! The November and December shows are always a doozie so come out and start your Christmas shopping! There will be many great vendors and yours truly!

There will be wine and beer and snacks aplenty. Did I mention I would be there?

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Ah Halloween...its my favorite holiday! I love love love costumes and playing dress-up. This year i decided to be a chicken and it was sooo easy and comfortable! I'm sick of the slutty pirates, the sexy devils, the naughty whatevers...I go practical and funny.
You may ask yourself "How did she make that awesome costumes?" Well, I'll tell you.
You need certain supplies: feather boas, a white hoodie, a tutu, aluminum foil, masking tape and spray paint, and some tights (optional). I found my white hoodie at the thrift store for 3 bucks. I attached 2 large boas to it with safety pins. The first went down the arms and the second went around the hood and down the fronts. Next I attached 2 large boas and 2 skinny boas to the tutu. I would have just used large boas but Atlanta is out of white boas.
To make the mark I smashed some aluminum foil to my face, then i carefully removed it, cut out eyes and then coated it- front and back- with masking tape. This makes it sturdy. I tied some elastic to it, spray painted it white with an orange beak and then tapes a couple of stray feathers to it for good measure. While i was spray painting, I misted some tights with orange. They used to be a gross super-bright yellow and after my other tights blew out, I went with these. (Note: it is not advisable to spray paint tights while you are wearing them. I now have Linsey Lohan colored polka dots all over my lower half and I have to go to the gynecologist for my annual exam tomorrow - sorry TMI.) The costume took me a while to collect the pieces but really could have been assembled in a few easy hours in front of the TV.
To the left, I am showcasing 2 other awesome handmade costumes. The rainbow and the pot of gold (with their signature leprechaun) were awesome. So were the garden gnomes and their wizard. A++++ on all counts!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Favorite Old People in the World

I love this photo! This is Babcia and Dzaidek. Those aren't their names, but rather it means grandma and grandpa in Polish. They are Sarah's grandparent's and they are awesome. I recently met this adorable couple on a trip to NC to visit the NC State Fair, Claire, the lemurs, and the bees.

Babcia and Dzaidek are amazing and strong people. They told me (in strong Polish accents) about the German's taking them from Poland to work on the farms at age 16. After the war was over they were allowed to go anywhere. But they feared that going home to Poland would result in going home to Siberia because Poland was run by Russia at the time. They told of how incredibly hard it was when they got here, they knew no one and no one would help them with anything. Hearing her speak about the past and how hard it was to get by here with nothing- no spoon, no oven, no English. I'm so glad I met this amazingly sweet and strong little couple. They make me wish I had really known my own grandparents.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yay!!!!! Its all so beautiful!


So, my NC BFF Claire has the softest kitty in the world. I hate to be so gay and girlie but today, I talk about kitties. My kitty Tang is pretty soft (or he was until he decided to be goth and live in the basement, but that's a different story) but Claire's cat Pants is super duper soft! She loves Pants so much that she asked me to commemorate him in a tiny quilt. I started making tiny quilts because they're fun, somewhat portable, and cute as hell! So here is the before and after of the Pants Tiny Quilt.
And yes, Pants DOES have a tiny head. I didn't do it, she was born that way.
Tang footnote:
Tang recently got a new dog and he does not like the new dog. To protest, Tang lives in the basement and is a loner. Its like a teenager with a new stepdad. Thank GOD he isn't wearing black eyeliner. Yet.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pallookaville Shout-out

So my friend has decided to open the best corndog cart in the world. It is called Pallookaville and you can visit at for more info on the deliciousness that has been created. Anyway, I made him some potholders. It was a request made by the Rev. Uncle Laffo the Clown. See, being a giant clown with giant hands makes it hard to do a low-country boil. So he asked for some oversized potholders for his oversized hands. Unbeknownst to him, they would be masterpieces, with a portrait of him and crossed corndogs and a giant partially eaten corndog on the other. Genius. Perfection.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sale to a Stranger

Yesterday was awesome! I cleaned up my emails, posted some new stuff to etsy, and then...yes! FINALLY!!!!! I made a sale on my etsy store to a stranger! YAY!!!! A nice lady in Berkely, CA bought my star quilt. So now I feel legit. Sure, I had sales a plenty at my craft fairs (next one, Nov. 3 Cabaagetown Chomp and Stomp) but it feels good to know that I can sell them online as well. This will definitely keep my fabric addiction flowing! Speaking of which, I am psychic because I just bought 100 bucks worth of fabric online right before I made that sale.

High Five!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Slow Days at Work

Sometimes I have an incredibly slow day at work. Today half the office was out due to a training course. Then there were some meetings and vacations and therefore, it was very quiet and very slow. Sooooo, I learned about the macro setting on the fancy work camera. It took a bit of time but I think I figured that out. I need to work on the lighting but I would like to blame the dim pics on the overcast day.

Here's a nice shot of the tissue covers I made for those little kleenex packs we carry in our purses. You can buy them on my etsy shop. Heh heh, what a disgustingly shameless plug.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ahhhh, my new blog

I've done the blog thing a few times, but unfortunately I have lost them all. Its not that they're gone, its more that I have no idea what site they were on, my user names, passwords, etc. So, alas, I will begin anew. But this time I will focus more on my awesome craft: quilts and stuff i like. So as a beginning, here is a photo of my favorite potholder ever!