Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cookout grossness

I hope you aren't hungry! Kari had people over recently and she prepared a duck. We both tried to take the grossest pictures ever and I think we succeeded! Look at the fat oozing out of the pores on the upper right. BLECH!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Strut semi-success

Next time I will listen when mother nature deems it unnecesary to be accepted to a show. The torrential rains made a mess. Everything is in the dryer as we speak. I'm exhausted and cannot feel my feet. Or brain.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day of the dead skulls

You can buy these tomorrow at the strut. The colors are very vibrant with lots of sparkly golds and shimmer paint. They are super rad! They are plaster of paris with oil base paint. Its very durable. Lots of clear coat to really seal them in. The one farthest to the left is mounted to a wood plaque with 3-d flowers. I have one drying at home that is similar but in an enclosed frame.

Also, look at my little friend Damien! He's been a big help.

any requests on items and I will gladly accept your challenge.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Its hard to see, but what a waste of time

This dude is often out on the corner of moreland and Glenwood. He parks, sets up his display and sits there. all. day. long. His display is about 15 pairs of womens shoes, used. I cannot imagine wanting to stop for one of these pairs of shoes and I cannot imagine sitting there all day to try and sell a pair. Thats like 3 bucks a day max.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

East Atlanta Strut

So the Strut is next weekend. Its an awesome good time and my favorite craft fair of the year! It was a rough start when they told me i wasn't accepted even though I was sharing a booth with Jay. Anyway, common sense prevailed after several complaints and I was allowed to proceed. Of course this was a couple of weeks later so I didn't plan accordingly and I've fallen short of my goal on items to make. Oh well, it will be fun anyway.
So, I have decided there are too many sewing crafts and that may be why I was rejected. I needed a new item to set me apart. Sure, no one makes quilts at these things but then again, no one buys the quilts either. They'll pay 100 bucks for a painting that took a day to make but a quilt that too a lot of time and effort for 100? No way they say. So, my new item is slightly mass produced. I learned to make molds! I asked my friend to show me how and she's awesome so I knew she would be a great teacher. Now, how much should I sell these magnets for? I'm thinking 5 bucks for bugs, 7 for cows and 8 for the chickens. Discuss.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bats-shit crazy!

I was maybe eight. We were up at the neighborhood pool having a grand old time but I had to pee. I wasn't lazy or gross so i actually ran down the street, past my mom washing the car, to go inside and use the toilet. I peeled my wet bathing suit off and sat down to do my business.
At the time we had this cat and we stored the litter box in the small downstairs bathroom. Well, I'm on the pot and i glance down at the litter box. Maybe i heard something, maybe not, but i looked down and What the...?!!!!! The poo was moving. And then it was flying! and it was trying to get me! I screamed and screamed and fell off the toilet trying to yank my wet bathing suit up while running with wet feet on slippery tile and it was in there and it hit my head and the high little girl screams echoed throughout the neighborhood! My mom was like a rocket and she came in ready to murder my attacker- thinking i was being brutalized by a big monster or pervert or bad neighborhood kid (or maybe my big sister was beating my butt). She was like lightening and I was hysterical. Where did he go she wanted to know but I could only point into the bathroom. She ran in, fists clenched and then it got out! It was in the living room and my mom assessed the situation and simply said "go get my tennis racket". Scurrying away and back she also asked for a wastebasket. There was a bat flying all over the living room in a panic, a mom ready to fight, and a little girl with her bathing suit half off. With one good swing she knocked that bat silly. We trapped it in the wastebasket and moved it to the cat carrier. Then we broke out the Golden book Encyclopedias and discovered it was a brown bat. Because he was not a vampire, we let him go at dusk and watched him fly into the night sky.
I was afraid of that bathroom for a long time after the incident but looking back its a hilarious "attack" by a bat that was probably more scared than i was!

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