Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Costa Rica

Planning vacations is tricky. Sometimes the pics look awesome and sometimes they look terrible. They could be pics of the same place. Sigh...See, the pics of the room interiors for the Zula inn look awful but the exterior and the reviews guarantee it will be gorgeous! I cannot wait. Now, to find a room in puntarenas.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring srang

My hycinths from this morning. They just opened!

Fried Chicken at the Colonade

We went to the Colonade on Cheshire Bridge Road last night. It was A+! We've been scouring Atlanta for fried chicken and this was next on the list. First they bring each person a plate of butter and some crackers. Weird combination but thats cool. I'm used to them tossing all the butter in a bowl and presenting it that way but as I thought about it the bread came. 3 kinds! Yeast rolls. Wheat yeast rolls and little corn muffins. YUM! We were definitely the youngest people there for the early bird special (which ends at 6:30). You save a buck and get a free drink and dessert. I did the chicken friend chicken and so did Sarah. It is a HUGE portion of juicy delicious chicken! The gravy was mild and delicious. Robyn got the real friend chicken and it was also good. crispy and juicy! The fluffy whipped potatoes were as i hoped and expected but the okra was a little cold. I still ate it all. I definitely think this is one of my all time favorites now! It totally beats out Mary Macs!

Monday, February 13, 2012

So cold

This weekend we did a little outdoor craft sale thing at the Midway. I thought, hey, it's been in the 60's all winter, sure sign me up! So it was like 25 all day. cold cold cold. I sold a couple of ware but most importantly we sold a ton of the door mats we made! I think it was a success even if i felt like those dudes in that movie The Grey (minus the wolves).

The best part about these events is that when people get some beers in them they get frisky. And then they start to buy stuff. Like hats! what fun hats! I must learn to make them!

Friday, February 10, 2012


We went to see Crispin Glover's show on Wednesday. I like his quirkiness and I thought I would enjoy the show. I heard it was a hate it or love it production and well....I hate to say but I hated it. Maybe I was overly tired but I just wasn't into it. The first part he did readings of these weird books he had created. They are interesting but odd. His reading was energetic and exciting and very passionate. Then he showed part 2 of a 3 part movie he produced. Basically it was about a guy with cerebral palsey and his fantasies. He ends up strangling...wait, this will totally ruin it for you if you were going to run out and find the movie. Anyway, he strangles his girlfriend and rapes her dead body before doing the same to her daughter. But the daughter wanted to get it on with the cerebral palsey dude and it was awkward and uncomfortable. 2 words, flaccid penis. We decided to ditch the show when the girls dad called 911 while stroking a pair of her panties while he laid on the floor. Too creepy, gotta go. Some of the imagery was great but it took FOR EVER to get to the part we left at. Boring yet disturbing is the overall concensus from my group of 3. Here is a better review.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You look nice today

Soooo, this past week has been CRAZAY! My friend once upon a time painted an awesome sign
and we all loved it. Well, eventually some designer somewhere decided to "steal" the image and that designer worked for H&M and then H&M put out a bunch of items with the design. My friend was bummed and I said to just take it back. So we did.
I cut a stencil and we bought a ton of IKEA mats and all of a sudden a fundraiser was born. My friend Tori, the original creator, wanted to design to go towards good so it was a fundraiser for her friend's dog. Then our friends at Regretsy got involved and BAM! Worldwide attention, tons of press, and a nice agreement with H&M to make everyone smile. So in the end thousands of dollars will go to my community and animal rescue groups, as well as Fred the dog's surgery. Now I have to go work my sweatshop and MAKE MORE MATS!