Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The raging river won

Sunday we went kayaking. not in real kayaks but with those sit on top things. But we didn't get the fun wide sit on tops, we got the skinny ones that flip really easy. And yes, I ate it. Several times in fact! One time I got all tangled up and almost drowned, but not almost to the extent that I really almost drowned, just enough almost to make me be a baby for about 1 minute. Or 2. Anyway, when the boat flipped me, it also sacrificed some of my items to the water. I lost my shorts and my hat. Unfortunately my shorts had my 3 dollars, my credit card, and my driver's license. the loss of the 3 dollars was worst because halfway down the river some entrepreneurs had set up a grill and were selling hot dogs and hamburgers for 2 bucks. Man, I totally could have gone for one of those!
Later on we realized that the sunscreen did not work so well. and by not work so well, maybe not at all in some spots. My ankles are like red glowing beacons. they sizzle to the touch and are swollen like a 4th grade teacher's ankles. Cankles almost. They hurt. I had to take a half day monday because i couldn't move my knees or ankles and it was too comical to stay.
Yesterday I had to replaced my license. Really, the DMV on Candler road is like visiting a third world country. If you are wearing cuff links, on Tuesday, during the day, at the DMV, don't throw your trash on the floor. You want to think you're classy but really the girl in suspender shorts that cut up in her coochy is classier than you right at that point. 3 hours later i have ID!

Oh, and Solacaine is sent from heaven.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabric monster

This is only part of my fabric monster. In order to make a magical quilt, I have to dig through each and every bin just about. I have 2 more in the attic and 2 in the sewing room. These hold the big chunks, the trash bag is crap diana gave me, and the ones in the other rooms have small pieces. I haven't bought much in the past 6 months because I seriously need to thin the piles. Its threatening to overtake the stairs soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check this out!

Greg and Leigh had a baby! This is what I made for her. They like modern and I also wanted to use up some scraps and this is what I created! I love it and kinda want a giant one for myself.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anyone want a dog?

This dog lives behind me and is matted and hurting because her ears are torn up. She's a sweet girl that would respond well to love and discipline. She only barks because she's either hungry, thirsty, or her chain is twisted around a bush. I go out and untangle her and she settles right down. I bathed her in February and I'm pretty sure she had never been in a house before but she did well after the initial fear of the water. She gets along great with my two dogs and they lay against the fence wishing they could be together and play. Anyone want her?

Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV music awards

Did anyone watch these last night other than the twilight fans and myself and Olivia? We watched in disgust as award after award got handed to Twilight for a movie filled with subpar acting and shoddy directing. I could understand them getting a few awards but Bella was a horrible actress. In fact she's every bit as awkward in real life- fidgeting and playing with her hair. Ugh.
More disappointing was how the awards show has become even more of a giant commercial than ever. I used to be slightly commercialized but this year I heard a lot about 4th meal, t-mobile and kia cars. In fact, the new kia is perfect for rats. I learned tha from the commercials.
and why did they keep showing Cameron Diaz? Everyone they repeatedly showed had a movie coming out but her. Olivia and i tried to figure out a decent movie she's been in but we couldn't come up with one. Any thoughts?
To sum it up, the show was a trainwreck but i couldn;t quit watching.