Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Super Florida adventure 2008

So I've been procrastinating retyping this after I somehow lost my lengthy typed recount a couple of days ago. But here goes...

Last Thursday I flew to Miami and rented a car. I went and visited my friend Jen and her cutie little daughter. We met up and went to dinner. We went to Jaxson's Ice Cream which is one of the places I used to go when I was a kid and we would visit Grandparents and go get ice cream there. Go loo at the desert menu! We split some chicken fingers, cheese fries, and a 13 dollar sundae from heaven. After that we went to the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino. Its the very place that Anna nicole Smith died. I remember it like it was a year and a half ago...

On Friday I went on my seperate way around 8am. My first stop: Vizcaya. There wasn't anyone around so I helped myself to the gardens and grounds. That place is simply beautiful. I didn't really go inside but if the inside is like the website- then it's spectacular as well. There are all kinds of statues and crazy foliage in the gardens. And they have an orchid garden outside as well. After I was finished cavorting there, I hit the road. I stopped for a hearty breakfast at Grandpa's in Dania Beach and they gave me at least 13 slices of bacon. Yes. I then headed to Lion Country Safari.

Lion Country Safari is a place everyone should bring their children to. It is about 10 miles of drive-through zoo and at the end there is a little park with all kinds of stuff. My car was attacked by an ostrich and it was hilarious. It could only have been better if I had friends in the car with me. I think the ostrich really wanted a bug on the window (or else he hated me) but he was going about it all wrong. In the end he didn't get the bug, or me! I also got to feed a giraffe! They're so cool. When I grow up thats what I will be.

So once I was done at the safari I headed to the Burt Reynold's Museum. Some militant little tiny lady was guarding the front and insisted I sign the guest book. She also insisted on my 5 dollar donation. I cheated and only put in 3 bucks because it said donation and she was being mean. The museum was pretty cool. It had walls of awards, his Emmy, tons of movie posters and lots of movie memorabilia. It had all of Burt's keys to the Cities and many honorary sheriff badges. Their merch sucked though. Oh, some dude tried to come in but didn;t have any cash. He asked the lady if he could charge it and she said no. He asked if he could buy something and then just not get it and she said no. She wasn't going to let him in without that "donation". So, I offered to pay his way. Everyone was flabbergasted. I tried to explain that Vizcaya was free earlier but they were shocked and so touched by my kind gesture when actually I was just pissed that the little tiny old lady wouldn't let this dude in. He ended up buying me a coffee mug. Its pretty sweet. They need someone to show them what merch should be though.

Okay, so I finished at the Burt Museum and I went to visit my uncle. He lives a mere 5 minutes away and I got to hang out for about 2 hours or so. We chatted about all sorts of stuff and my Aunt Terrie has a kickass sewing room whcih makes me jealous to no end. I'm definitely going back to West Palm because there is also a rescued animal place where I can hang out with sea turtles that broke their shells or lost a flipper and pelicans with one wing and stuff. Don't litter people. It kills the animals.

More later. I will continue with wedding stuff next!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I will have good posts soon

In the meantime here is a picture of Ted and I. He is sick of seeing the key lime snot pie.