Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Focus Group denial

I do these focus group studies sometimes and they usually net some serious cash. I was supposed to do one last night for 90 bucks. I answer the questions fairly honestly usually because I know they'll ask them again in some twisted way and I'm not quite devious enough to remember it all for the sake of getting to do a survey. The surveys are really pretty boring and usually about stuff that really doesn't matter to us- like cat food packaging. We spent 2 hours once discussing the cat change on the meow mix bag. I got to sit and drink 6 energy drinks one day (with a sloppy joe) to discuss if they were tasty and a good value. I have discussed cell phones, coke commercials, and TV pilots. Last night was supposed to be about Arbys and apparently when I had to take the survey on paper 2 weeks later my answers were a little off. Some circle talking lady just couldn't get it when I explained that sometimes I eat at a restaurant more than other times. and apparently it is a mortal sin to answer 2-3 times a month vs. 4-5. She made me made because she gibber-jabbered and kept talking in circles. I was like "what do you want me to put?" and she would start talking in a circle again until I snapped. I said "i don;t need this shit" and I left. She was still following me babbling in circles and I had to firmly tell her "I. Don't. CARE." anyway, they are fairly dumb and their sandwiches suck so I broke up with them in an email today:

Dear J**** Survey Group****,
I can’t continue this any longer.I am breaking up with you.Its not just last night either.I feel like this is becoming an abusive relationship and you are tearing at my spirit.You call and tease me acting like we’ll get together and say we will hang out and then you say no, I’m not good enough.You don’t trust me and you constantly ask the same questions over and over, without any clever disguise to make me wonder if you are really repeating yourself. Then, last night we got in an argument over Arby’s. Arby’s, really? You don’t trust my answers and while I really do eat at Arby’s you then question how often. Ridiculous. Whether I eat there 3 times a month or 4 shouldn’t REALLY affect anything one way or the other. Show me the product, tell me what you need to know, and I’ll answer you honestly and truthfully about whether it is a good value, or needs better packaging, or even if the whole thing is a terrible idea. But you won’t get that chance with me again because I really want you to never call me again. I can get better half sandwiches in my own home. I can make fake tea there too. You thought you were treating me great but you really weren’t. The truth of it all is that I am too good for you and I really never want you to call me again.
Oh, and the circle talker lady who just kept going in circles last night, well she sucks. I’m sorry I don’t keep a chart of what I eat with me. I’m also sorry she doesn’t understand a single thing a person tries to say. I appreciate the opportunity to waste 3 hours of my life last night but I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. Not for you anyway.
J****survey group***- take me off your list.We’re done.

The baby car is an adult now

She flipped 200,000 miles last night. Luckily it was on my street so she stayed that way all night! We may have a party for her this weekend!

Far East Motorworks (the best Honda mechanic in Atlanta) has a car that is the same 98 civic as mine but it is at 648,000 miles! Holy Moley! The owner brings it in once a month because he drives for a living. Usually it just needs an oil change but sometimes it gets the full service or a belt.

Proper maintenance kids...proper maintenance.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloweens past

Last night I went to a party at my boss's house. Now, normally Halloween is anything goes, but at the boss's house I need to behave right? I decided tonight's Lady Gaga getup was inappropriate because well, it is. You can't go to the boss's house with no pants. So I decided to hit the old Halloween bin in the attic. I almost whipped out the super sober girl costume but it isn't as fun when super Drunk girl isn't there to battle with you. I thought about being a mummy but didn't have it in my to have my face covered much. The chicken was awesome, but it needs to hold out and maybe make a comeback in a year or so. That left a really good, comfortable option. Madonna. I got my lace gloves on and decked myself out in jewelry and teased my hair until it cried. This pic is from an 80's party Angee and i went to about 5 years ago but yes, I looked pretty much the same last night. You can't see the lace skirt with leggings and white socks and flats but they were there. Anyway, I get to the party and well, lots of people didn;t know who I was. Seriously? Thank GOD I wasn't Lady Gaga last night because the generation gap would have been even larger. Someone asked if I was Cruella since I had a jacket inspired by Desperately Seeking Susan. Sigh...I better stick with obvious things at the boss's next dress up party I guess.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pete and Ashley's wedding quilt

This one was fun to do! I am trying not to buy new fabric unless I absolutely have to so it gives me more incentive to get crazy. This quilt has 4 different black fabrics in 6 inch squares making up the main body. Then i machine appliqued a variety of fabrics in polka dots. I used star wars fabrics, airplanes, fried chicken, playing cards, and lots of things with hearts. Along the edge is music notes, tattoo fabrics and more airplanes. I tried to capture items they both like and make it fun and bright even though it has a lot of black. The quilting was fun, i just did a meandering wave that zig-zags through the whole thing consistently. I think its looks very modern and whimsical yet not too sterile.

PS- sorry for the slacker photos but I couldn't find anywhere to hang it except for in front of the windows. One day I will finish painting and can hang curtain rods again and use those to hang quilts on for photos.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another trip to Dr.Toe

Yep, it was time for another visit to Dr. Toe. My feet are so expensive! So today I got another shot in my toe knuckle. I cannot feel my feet as I write this-well, one foot. It was much the same as last week except this time he told me to ice 4 times a day. He better be glad its fall because there's no way i am icing my feet when it gets cold out. Anyway, on the other foot I had torn my nail off. It was a ragged jagged mess and I kept telling him not to look at it. Then he grabs this machine and a shop vac and goes to town on it! With a little cold spray he was able to grind that nubby bitch of a toenail down to a smooth polished stone. I swear it was a pedi-paw. it may not have had the pedi paw logo but it was the same concept. And by holding the shop vac up, it was debris free! My doctor is a genius. I am going to buy a pedi paw. But not for the dogs!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Holiday Craft season is creeping up!

I was accepted to ICE today! AWESOME!!!! So far my holiday craft fairs are:

Thursday Nov, 5. Kraftwork at Youngblood gallery
Saturday Nov 7, Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp with Jay and the Belligernt Monkey
Saturday Nov. 21, ICE

All of December- Spruill gallery holiday fest.

I hope to make it into Asheville's Big Crafty but we shall see!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

RIP Tangers 1995-2009

Oh Tang, you silly little man. I loved you. You were a good boy. You only peed on the furniture once and I totally forgive you for peeing in the car that time we went to the vet. Sure it took 6 months and 5 gallons of nature's miracle but you were worth it. You were the easiest cat to live with and you made my life better. Home will not be the same without you.

The lazer eyes picture makes me laugh.

Michelle's answer

The five quilts of Christmas is for Michelle who asked if I ever made big people baby quilts. Yes, yes i have. And this coming week I should have Pete and Ashleys quilt ready to show the world. I have to wait until i give it to them so it will be a surpirse!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My two latest baby quilts

So I finished these two quilts this week. I rented the long-arm quilt machine at Ren Hen fabrics to work on my friend's wedding gift and when i finished ahead of schedule I was able to set these two up and quilt them. I got to use the new awesome machine and it goes much much faster. This allowed me time to get fancy and make puffy little clouds on the airplane quilt. I had a lot of fun and of course when I was almost to the end I decided to retrace the cloud bottoms to give them more oomph! It turned out really nice but required a lot of attention so i didn't zoom away.
The pink quilt is just using my regular meander than I love so much. One day I will have 12,000 spare dollars to buy a machine for myself. For now i will just keep the Ren Hen in business by renting theirs!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another day, another trip to the foot doctor

This was going to be the last visit. I'm done. I've had my nail yanked out, pus drained and its like a real toenail! So this was going to be my breakup until I needed him in the future. Then i had to open my big mouth:
"so, is it bad if I sharp shooting pain periodically and irregularly in my bunion foot?" I told him how i stubbed my toe 4 times in one week during the great flood of 2009. I reassured him that the offending furniture was moved and there would be no more toe stubbing. He gave the foot a little rubdown and decided we needed some x-rays. I love x-rays even if they give me cancer. As he was about to walk out of the room he seemed like he forgot to ask something important. He turned and asked if my periods were regular. Yes they are. But what if they weren't? My mind was trying to figure out what that could possibly be the symptom of? Foot Cancer? Gout in my uterus? WHAT?!!!! I asked him what it meant if they weren't regular as I was trying to think of the horrible things that could have been wrong with me if my cycle was just that much "off". He answered "well, you could be pregnant". I slapped my forehead because I am SO STUPID!!!!! No x-rays for the pregnant ladies. Hahaha, I'm dumb. Anyway, my toe was not broken but i do have a deep contusion. This meant a needle. He sat down and the nurse assistant lady handed him a giant blue needle! Or a giant clear needle filled with blue fluid. Whatever, it was blue. And large. I asked for lots of cold spray because I love that stuff! He gave me the cold spray and then jabbed that needle deep into my big toe joint. It wasn't cortisone but it was a different something-osone like it and its like an epidural for my toe. I can't feel a thing in my toe and I won't for about 15 hours. I wonder how much this is going to cost. Oh, and the breakup was cancelled. I go back in a week.

Doggie for adoption! You all love Eggroll, well its like her long lost brother! He is extremely sweet and friendly, and freshly neutered. This dog is amazingly sweet, confident and is very emaciated. He is fully vaccinated and is about 40 pounds but he'll probably fill out like Eggroll (see below). He is 2-3 y...ears old. found in Hills Park, near Marietta Boulevard. CONTACT: (Caroline)

He did test heartworm postive BUT the person who found him will pay for his treatment at AHS clinic if someone can just take him into their program.

Please let know ASAP if you can help as she has nowhere to put the dog when she picks him up tomorrow. Heartworm was "faint" so they put him on 6 months preventive and will bring him to check, hopefully he will be free from worms by then! No microchip. The top 2 are the homeless pup and the bottom is his twin Eggroll (who is an awesome dog).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day off!

So its the fiscal year end at work and we busted our butts to do a great job. Sooooo, the boss gave us the day off! Last night I had a headache from hell and went to sleep around 7:45. I woke up and made breakfast since I already got 12 hours of sleep and there was no need to "sleep in". First I put some bacon in a pan and then I accidentally dropped the spatula behind the oven. I climbed on the cabinet and tried to get the spatula with tongs and I realized how gross it was back there. so then I pulled the oven out and swept and picked up the spoon and stuff from back there. Then ooops, the oven was off because the plug is wonky. So after trying and trying I had to get scott up to help. We eventually duct taped the plug in and pretended its not a fire hazzard and finished cooking breakfast. Then we got back in bed and had breakfast in bed! So a painful start to a nice finale of cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cookout grossness

I hope you aren't hungry! Kari had people over recently and she prepared a duck. We both tried to take the grossest pictures ever and I think we succeeded! Look at the fat oozing out of the pores on the upper right. BLECH!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Strut semi-success

Next time I will listen when mother nature deems it unnecesary to be accepted to a show. The torrential rains made a mess. Everything is in the dryer as we speak. I'm exhausted and cannot feel my feet. Or brain.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day of the dead skulls

You can buy these tomorrow at the strut. The colors are very vibrant with lots of sparkly golds and shimmer paint. They are super rad! They are plaster of paris with oil base paint. Its very durable. Lots of clear coat to really seal them in. The one farthest to the left is mounted to a wood plaque with 3-d flowers. I have one drying at home that is similar but in an enclosed frame.

Also, look at my little friend Damien! He's been a big help.

any requests on items and I will gladly accept your challenge.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Its hard to see, but what a waste of time

This dude is often out on the corner of moreland and Glenwood. He parks, sets up his display and sits there. all. day. long. His display is about 15 pairs of womens shoes, used. I cannot imagine wanting to stop for one of these pairs of shoes and I cannot imagine sitting there all day to try and sell a pair. Thats like 3 bucks a day max.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

East Atlanta Strut

So the Strut is next weekend. Its an awesome good time and my favorite craft fair of the year! It was a rough start when they told me i wasn't accepted even though I was sharing a booth with Jay. Anyway, common sense prevailed after several complaints and I was allowed to proceed. Of course this was a couple of weeks later so I didn't plan accordingly and I've fallen short of my goal on items to make. Oh well, it will be fun anyway.
So, I have decided there are too many sewing crafts and that may be why I was rejected. I needed a new item to set me apart. Sure, no one makes quilts at these things but then again, no one buys the quilts either. They'll pay 100 bucks for a painting that took a day to make but a quilt that too a lot of time and effort for 100? No way they say. So, my new item is slightly mass produced. I learned to make molds! I asked my friend to show me how and she's awesome so I knew she would be a great teacher. Now, how much should I sell these magnets for? I'm thinking 5 bucks for bugs, 7 for cows and 8 for the chickens. Discuss.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bats-shit crazy!

I was maybe eight. We were up at the neighborhood pool having a grand old time but I had to pee. I wasn't lazy or gross so i actually ran down the street, past my mom washing the car, to go inside and use the toilet. I peeled my wet bathing suit off and sat down to do my business.
At the time we had this cat and we stored the litter box in the small downstairs bathroom. Well, I'm on the pot and i glance down at the litter box. Maybe i heard something, maybe not, but i looked down and What the...?!!!!! The poo was moving. And then it was flying! and it was trying to get me! I screamed and screamed and fell off the toilet trying to yank my wet bathing suit up while running with wet feet on slippery tile and it was in there and it hit my head and the high little girl screams echoed throughout the neighborhood! My mom was like a rocket and she came in ready to murder my attacker- thinking i was being brutalized by a big monster or pervert or bad neighborhood kid (or maybe my big sister was beating my butt). She was like lightening and I was hysterical. Where did he go she wanted to know but I could only point into the bathroom. She ran in, fists clenched and then it got out! It was in the living room and my mom assessed the situation and simply said "go get my tennis racket". Scurrying away and back she also asked for a wastebasket. There was a bat flying all over the living room in a panic, a mom ready to fight, and a little girl with her bathing suit half off. With one good swing she knocked that bat silly. We trapped it in the wastebasket and moved it to the cat carrier. Then we broke out the Golden book Encyclopedias and discovered it was a brown bat. Because he was not a vampire, we let him go at dusk and watched him fly into the night sky.
I was afraid of that bathroom for a long time after the incident but looking back its a hilarious "attack" by a bat that was probably more scared than i was!

submit your own funny story : go here and then click on the promotions tab

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Girl, you'll be a woman soon

My baby girl is all grown up. We thought she was "fixed" but apparently she is still broken. She went into heat last week and now i have to ride it out until she's done and we can have her spayed. Look how trampy she is in her hot pink panties. She wiggles out of them and they hang from her tail and she flaunts them in front of all the boys. They grow up so fast. Make sure to notice that I have taught her how important it is to accessorize properly! she matches!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Insurance...those sneaky jerks

In an effort to try and pass the bill to the next guy I got a letter from some group related to my insurance. They said it appears my claim is part of an accident or work related injury. Here is my reply:

Dear I___x,
Today I received your letter of concern over my well-being. Thanks! It feels good to know so many people care. I didn’t even think you would notice one or two little visits to the doctor. But then I noticed you were also under the belief that a third party could be held responsible for my foot affliction. Wow, I don’t know what to say. First, I’m not sure how you think an ingrown toenail could be from an accident or work injury. Curious. If that could happen I bet those people who milk the system would be doing home surgery constantly in an effort to get on disability. Secondly, if you really need to blame a third party, then I guess you could blame my mom for not noticing my shoes didn’t fit. I would say to blame me, but I don’t want to foot the bill. Ha! Get it? Foot? Anyway, I guess you could also blame both of my parents and perhaps grandparents for giving me a genetic makeup that makes my feet huge. While we’re at it, let’s get some money from the shoe companies that make painful shoes and don’t go up to size 11. It’s kind of neglect, right? But then maybe my feet are huge because of all the steroids in meat these days. Oh, we could go on all day. But overall, no, my toenail growing into the side of my foot is simply one of those things that happen and I don’t think we can get someone else to pay for it.
Your friend

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My job fixed my toe!

For years I've done home surgery on my ingrown toenails. I got them from too small shoes on my too giant feet and from smashing them and then picking. Don't pick! Anyway, the toe is almost totally better! Here's what the doctor does:

First he shoved a wooden stabby stick under the nail to drain the gore, then he sliced the length of nail with an x-acto scalpel thing. Then he got cut pliers and YANKED my nail out! I totally could have done that at home with some "cold spray" like they had. I told him I almost had the procedure perfected and he assured me that as soon as i got out of school and had a certificate showing it i could work there.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its been a month! sorry dudes.

My feelings were so hurt by the raging river that i fell into a deep well of depression. BUT I have returned! Here is a snake to make you happy! Scott saw it in the street on his way home and he single handedly gathered a volunteer who prevented it from being crushed to death. Scott ran home and got some bins so we could take it to the creek. The silly snake decided to slither away slowly, risking life and lack of limb, but he eventually went to live in the kudzu. I estimate his length at about 6 feet or so. My extensive research tells me it is a grey rat snake.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The raging river won

Sunday we went kayaking. not in real kayaks but with those sit on top things. But we didn't get the fun wide sit on tops, we got the skinny ones that flip really easy. And yes, I ate it. Several times in fact! One time I got all tangled up and almost drowned, but not almost to the extent that I really almost drowned, just enough almost to make me be a baby for about 1 minute. Or 2. Anyway, when the boat flipped me, it also sacrificed some of my items to the water. I lost my shorts and my hat. Unfortunately my shorts had my 3 dollars, my credit card, and my driver's license. the loss of the 3 dollars was worst because halfway down the river some entrepreneurs had set up a grill and were selling hot dogs and hamburgers for 2 bucks. Man, I totally could have gone for one of those!
Later on we realized that the sunscreen did not work so well. and by not work so well, maybe not at all in some spots. My ankles are like red glowing beacons. they sizzle to the touch and are swollen like a 4th grade teacher's ankles. Cankles almost. They hurt. I had to take a half day monday because i couldn't move my knees or ankles and it was too comical to stay.
Yesterday I had to replaced my license. Really, the DMV on Candler road is like visiting a third world country. If you are wearing cuff links, on Tuesday, during the day, at the DMV, don't throw your trash on the floor. You want to think you're classy but really the girl in suspender shorts that cut up in her coochy is classier than you right at that point. 3 hours later i have ID!

Oh, and Solacaine is sent from heaven.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabric monster

This is only part of my fabric monster. In order to make a magical quilt, I have to dig through each and every bin just about. I have 2 more in the attic and 2 in the sewing room. These hold the big chunks, the trash bag is crap diana gave me, and the ones in the other rooms have small pieces. I haven't bought much in the past 6 months because I seriously need to thin the piles. Its threatening to overtake the stairs soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check this out!

Greg and Leigh had a baby! This is what I made for her. They like modern and I also wanted to use up some scraps and this is what I created! I love it and kinda want a giant one for myself.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anyone want a dog?

This dog lives behind me and is matted and hurting because her ears are torn up. She's a sweet girl that would respond well to love and discipline. She only barks because she's either hungry, thirsty, or her chain is twisted around a bush. I go out and untangle her and she settles right down. I bathed her in February and I'm pretty sure she had never been in a house before but she did well after the initial fear of the water. She gets along great with my two dogs and they lay against the fence wishing they could be together and play. Anyone want her?

Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV music awards

Did anyone watch these last night other than the twilight fans and myself and Olivia? We watched in disgust as award after award got handed to Twilight for a movie filled with subpar acting and shoddy directing. I could understand them getting a few awards but Bella was a horrible actress. In fact she's every bit as awkward in real life- fidgeting and playing with her hair. Ugh.
More disappointing was how the awards show has become even more of a giant commercial than ever. I used to be slightly commercialized but this year I heard a lot about 4th meal, t-mobile and kia cars. In fact, the new kia is perfect for rats. I learned tha from the commercials.
and why did they keep showing Cameron Diaz? Everyone they repeatedly showed had a movie coming out but her. Olivia and i tried to figure out a decent movie she's been in but we couldn't come up with one. Any thoughts?
To sum it up, the show was a trainwreck but i couldn;t quit watching.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Taxidermy Museum

On Roadside America I found this story about a taxidermy museum in Frankin NC. It was filllled with wonder and excitement. Mr. Three-fingers told us all about hunting in Africa and fishing in Costa Rica. He's named three fingers because a)I don't remember his name, b) someone called while we were there and asked for him by that description, and c) he only has 3 fingers. See, a while back he lost a couple of digits in a shark hunting incident involving a "boom-stick". So, Mr. 3F told us lots of interesting stories. He told us about the badger he saw on the side of the street. He wanted to pull the RV to a screeching halt. Instead he was forced to drive up to the next exit and loop around which took considerable time. Then he had to make the big sacrifice for the greater good. See, when you decide to taxidermy a roadkill it needs to be fresh and you have to hope there isn't a lot of bruising because that ruins the hide. Then you need to throw it into as deep of a freeze as you can as quickly as possible. So Mr. 3F was forced to eat a whole box of ice cream sandwiches in order to make space in the tiny freezer in the camper that they had hooked onto the truck. By the way, the badger was simply wonderful. He was black and white and looked sort of like an exotic raccoon!
At the museum I also met a jackalope. He wanted to come home with me but i just didn;t love his nose. It should be soft and pink but this one was a bit too pinched and it was black. While I love a black dog nose, this jackalope was not the one for me.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Asheville pt.1

So, I went to Asheville 2 weekends ago. It was part vacay and part family trip. My sister got married and I went to visit a friend for a day and a half before the event.
I arrived on Thursday evening and we took this silly funny comedy bus tour called LaZoom through Asheville. It was cute and at 11 bucks each (its usually 22 but we had a buy one get one deal) it was worth it just to catch this picture of a man-nun chasing us on a tall bike! You can bring beer and wine on board!
We also saw a ghost!

So the next morning we got up early and drove along the blue ridge Parkway. We drove through mountain tunnels and saw a wild turkey! Its cool how obviously the landscape and environment changes when you go up in elevation like that. When we stopped to see this waterfall we also saw some cool slime molds! Theses yellow mushroomy things are only about an inch out of the water. YUCK! We continued on our way towards our next destination: The Taxidermy Museum! Stay tuned for a blog on that next!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm so sorry

I have missed you as much as much as you miss me. Rest assured that I will soon return! I have been painting my house and the computer was dismantled. I have stories of taxidermy, circling bears and weddings! Hold on to your hats, I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Expressing herself

Last night I picked Turkey up from the vet. She apparently did not have fun and was terrified. When the manager tried to get her out of the run she wouldn't budge so her went to scoop her up. Well, her terror made her do some self-expression of the glands all of over him. He brought her out and i smelled it right away! When he came back with Eggroll I asked if she needed her glands expressed and he politely said "they've been expressed" and I was like "oh, was there a problem?" and he calmly said no, she was scared and expressed then quite clearly to me just now. I apologized to him and then patted turkey on the head "oh good girl, you saved mommy 20 bucks!!!"

Poor guy. Butt juice smells like a dead fish in a plastic bag in my truck in the summer.

Oh, and turkey got a bath.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was going to post an awesome new blog but i have spent the last 2 hours killing flies. I went out of town for 2 days and my house has turned into amityville horror! Its god getting back at me for gouging out the eye of an angel fish.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Tang went to the vet today because his eyeball is being pushed out of his head by an unknown source. I do not have a pic handy so here is Eggroll. She would like to eat his eyeball. We're treating with antibiotics to see if that works. Otherwise its back to the vet monday!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pose this

Thats my friend Ted's blog. Its awesome. Anyway, luckily i happened to have my boyfriend's best friend at the time's brother's Jaguar! Its just not the same when you pose on any old Honda.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Giant Carrots

Diana will kill me for putting this pic of her up. Its not a very metal picture but look how huge those carrots are! She said she wanted carrot sticks and what better than 1 pound carrots?!

I got these at the awesome Hong Kong Market on Jimmy Carter Boulevard. Comeing soon is an in depth detail of my tour of Doraville which includes a DIFFERENT international market with crazy foods.

If I was rich..

A couple of weeks ago I went antiquing with my mom at the Scott antique show. I saw several things i would but if i had multiple thousands of dollars. This monkey was one of those things.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Okay, I know its a fashion store, but I saw this sign outside of Bebe sport. First, this chic is jogging with a bag and a jacket. Second, she's jogging in gold lame underwear. That can;t be comfortable, safe, or fun for her. This sign makes me want to burn that store down.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Finger for grabs: from craigslist

asheville craigslist > free stuff

finger (west asheville)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-03-20, 7:40PM EDT

I recently lost half my index finger in a an accident with my lawn mower. I have it in the freezer if anyone wants it. It is mostly intact. I put it in the freezer the day I lost it after I found out I wouldn't be able to have it reattached (due to medical cost, verrrry expensive) so it was freshly frozen. The detachment point was just above the second knuckle. I have been saving it for a while but I have finally decided that I am ready to let go of it but I cannot bring myself to just throw it away. If you are interested please email me why you want it. I am not going to give it to you if you just plan on giving it to your dog, for instance.

  • Location: west asheville
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
PostingID: 1084460493

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bag o hair

One day i was driving home from work and I thought there was a bag of dead puppy in the road. Luckily someone just lost their hair. It was still there the next morning so i was able to snap a picture of it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twilight- Now available on DVD

So this past weekend I got to go to a slumber party! Melissa was celebrating the Twilight DVD release and she kicked her boyfriend out for the night and invited her closest 8 girlfriends! Its too bad my camera battery died. I only have pics of us doing each other's makeup and nails and eating cookies and brownies. I didn't get any pictures of the pillow fights in our tiny nighties or when we did skin treatments and then showered together.

Oh, and yes Scott said "really?!!!" when I told him thats what we did.

Anyway, the movie is okay, and definitely watchable on DVD but I think Melissa is crazy for watching it 9 times in the theater and who knows how many times at home. She's writing a dissertation on it and apparently she'll talk about mormons and how they relate. Go get em! Knock'em dead(ish).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Apparently Turkey and Eggroll caught a red bellied woodpecker today. I didn't get to see it but Scott said they hurt it's wing. The bird was gone when i got home so i hope he recovered from his brush with death.

Spring has sprung!

Spring is here and with Spring come cute clothes. Well, sometimes. Old Navy gets more and more like K-mart each time I go in. Usually their clothes fit poorly and often if they do fit they won;t after a wash. So, now I'm deathly afraid of the green shorts that will plague us all. I know girls will be wearing these unfortunate things with their unfortunate uggs and strapless tube tops over a t-shirt any day now. Brace yourselves, this is your warning.

***note: No Olivia's or lori's were hurt during this display. Unfortunately your eyes may have been.