Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloweens past

Last night I went to a party at my boss's house. Now, normally Halloween is anything goes, but at the boss's house I need to behave right? I decided tonight's Lady Gaga getup was inappropriate because well, it is. You can't go to the boss's house with no pants. So I decided to hit the old Halloween bin in the attic. I almost whipped out the super sober girl costume but it isn't as fun when super Drunk girl isn't there to battle with you. I thought about being a mummy but didn't have it in my to have my face covered much. The chicken was awesome, but it needs to hold out and maybe make a comeback in a year or so. That left a really good, comfortable option. Madonna. I got my lace gloves on and decked myself out in jewelry and teased my hair until it cried. This pic is from an 80's party Angee and i went to about 5 years ago but yes, I looked pretty much the same last night. You can't see the lace skirt with leggings and white socks and flats but they were there. Anyway, I get to the party and well, lots of people didn;t know who I was. Seriously? Thank GOD I wasn't Lady Gaga last night because the generation gap would have been even larger. Someone asked if I was Cruella since I had a jacket inspired by Desperately Seeking Susan. Sigh...I better stick with obvious things at the boss's next dress up party I guess.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pete and Ashley's wedding quilt

This one was fun to do! I am trying not to buy new fabric unless I absolutely have to so it gives me more incentive to get crazy. This quilt has 4 different black fabrics in 6 inch squares making up the main body. Then i machine appliqued a variety of fabrics in polka dots. I used star wars fabrics, airplanes, fried chicken, playing cards, and lots of things with hearts. Along the edge is music notes, tattoo fabrics and more airplanes. I tried to capture items they both like and make it fun and bright even though it has a lot of black. The quilting was fun, i just did a meandering wave that zig-zags through the whole thing consistently. I think its looks very modern and whimsical yet not too sterile.

PS- sorry for the slacker photos but I couldn't find anywhere to hang it except for in front of the windows. One day I will finish painting and can hang curtain rods again and use those to hang quilts on for photos.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another trip to Dr.Toe

Yep, it was time for another visit to Dr. Toe. My feet are so expensive! So today I got another shot in my toe knuckle. I cannot feel my feet as I write this-well, one foot. It was much the same as last week except this time he told me to ice 4 times a day. He better be glad its fall because there's no way i am icing my feet when it gets cold out. Anyway, on the other foot I had torn my nail off. It was a ragged jagged mess and I kept telling him not to look at it. Then he grabs this machine and a shop vac and goes to town on it! With a little cold spray he was able to grind that nubby bitch of a toenail down to a smooth polished stone. I swear it was a pedi-paw. it may not have had the pedi paw logo but it was the same concept. And by holding the shop vac up, it was debris free! My doctor is a genius. I am going to buy a pedi paw. But not for the dogs!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Holiday Craft season is creeping up!

I was accepted to ICE today! AWESOME!!!! So far my holiday craft fairs are:

Thursday Nov, 5. Kraftwork at Youngblood gallery
Saturday Nov 7, Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp with Jay and the Belligernt Monkey
Saturday Nov. 21, ICE

All of December- Spruill gallery holiday fest.

I hope to make it into Asheville's Big Crafty but we shall see!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

RIP Tangers 1995-2009

Oh Tang, you silly little man. I loved you. You were a good boy. You only peed on the furniture once and I totally forgive you for peeing in the car that time we went to the vet. Sure it took 6 months and 5 gallons of nature's miracle but you were worth it. You were the easiest cat to live with and you made my life better. Home will not be the same without you.

The lazer eyes picture makes me laugh.

Michelle's answer

The five quilts of Christmas is for Michelle who asked if I ever made big people baby quilts. Yes, yes i have. And this coming week I should have Pete and Ashleys quilt ready to show the world. I have to wait until i give it to them so it will be a surpirse!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My two latest baby quilts

So I finished these two quilts this week. I rented the long-arm quilt machine at Ren Hen fabrics to work on my friend's wedding gift and when i finished ahead of schedule I was able to set these two up and quilt them. I got to use the new awesome machine and it goes much much faster. This allowed me time to get fancy and make puffy little clouds on the airplane quilt. I had a lot of fun and of course when I was almost to the end I decided to retrace the cloud bottoms to give them more oomph! It turned out really nice but required a lot of attention so i didn't zoom away.
The pink quilt is just using my regular meander than I love so much. One day I will have 12,000 spare dollars to buy a machine for myself. For now i will just keep the Ren Hen in business by renting theirs!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another day, another trip to the foot doctor

This was going to be the last visit. I'm done. I've had my nail yanked out, pus drained and its like a real toenail! So this was going to be my breakup until I needed him in the future. Then i had to open my big mouth:
"so, is it bad if I sharp shooting pain periodically and irregularly in my bunion foot?" I told him how i stubbed my toe 4 times in one week during the great flood of 2009. I reassured him that the offending furniture was moved and there would be no more toe stubbing. He gave the foot a little rubdown and decided we needed some x-rays. I love x-rays even if they give me cancer. As he was about to walk out of the room he seemed like he forgot to ask something important. He turned and asked if my periods were regular. Yes they are. But what if they weren't? My mind was trying to figure out what that could possibly be the symptom of? Foot Cancer? Gout in my uterus? WHAT?!!!! I asked him what it meant if they weren't regular as I was trying to think of the horrible things that could have been wrong with me if my cycle was just that much "off". He answered "well, you could be pregnant". I slapped my forehead because I am SO STUPID!!!!! No x-rays for the pregnant ladies. Hahaha, I'm dumb. Anyway, my toe was not broken but i do have a deep contusion. This meant a needle. He sat down and the nurse assistant lady handed him a giant blue needle! Or a giant clear needle filled with blue fluid. Whatever, it was blue. And large. I asked for lots of cold spray because I love that stuff! He gave me the cold spray and then jabbed that needle deep into my big toe joint. It wasn't cortisone but it was a different something-osone like it and its like an epidural for my toe. I can't feel a thing in my toe and I won't for about 15 hours. I wonder how much this is going to cost. Oh, and the breakup was cancelled. I go back in a week.

Doggie for adoption! You all love Eggroll, well its like her long lost brother! He is extremely sweet and friendly, and freshly neutered. This dog is amazingly sweet, confident and is very emaciated. He is fully vaccinated and is about 40 pounds but he'll probably fill out like Eggroll (see below). He is 2-3 y...ears old. found in Hills Park, near Marietta Boulevard. CONTACT: (Caroline)

He did test heartworm postive BUT the person who found him will pay for his treatment at AHS clinic if someone can just take him into their program.

Please let know ASAP if you can help as she has nowhere to put the dog when she picks him up tomorrow. Heartworm was "faint" so they put him on 6 months preventive and will bring him to check, hopefully he will be free from worms by then! No microchip. The top 2 are the homeless pup and the bottom is his twin Eggroll (who is an awesome dog).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day off!

So its the fiscal year end at work and we busted our butts to do a great job. Sooooo, the boss gave us the day off! Last night I had a headache from hell and went to sleep around 7:45. I woke up and made breakfast since I already got 12 hours of sleep and there was no need to "sleep in". First I put some bacon in a pan and then I accidentally dropped the spatula behind the oven. I climbed on the cabinet and tried to get the spatula with tongs and I realized how gross it was back there. so then I pulled the oven out and swept and picked up the spoon and stuff from back there. Then ooops, the oven was off because the plug is wonky. So after trying and trying I had to get scott up to help. We eventually duct taped the plug in and pretended its not a fire hazzard and finished cooking breakfast. Then we got back in bed and had breakfast in bed! So a painful start to a nice finale of cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon!