Friday, September 16, 2011

Human Centipede Sock Monkey

Well, I sold her at Dragon Con. Well, its really him her her. Anyway, she he she has a brand new home! congrats new owners!

By the way, being a vendor at Dragon Con rules! Everyone is happy, lots of good people watching, the money flows freely...what more could you want!?

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So the pic was hard to get but this is a 2.5" square clear plastic box. It is filled with Bees. Miyagi my dog is a voracious bug hunter and during carpenter bee season he kills approximately one a day. During Palmetto Bug Season he also brings me gifts that are less appreciated. Anyway, I sent the box of bees 100% anonymous to my friend Chris Hamer. I hope he learns to appreciate it! Here's what the facebook had to say about it:
  • So I'm a bit freaked out!! I got a package tonight with no return address on it, and in side was a plastic container with bees?
    Did someone send me Bees for a reason? Let me know or I will be tossing some dead bees!

    • 2 people like this.
      • Betty that's weird--maybe cuz the little skull bees you paint?

      • Betty no note? nothing?
      • Sara creepy.
      • Allyson Uhhhhh....yeah? That's pretty odd.

      • Brian Ok, that's just creepy. Jame Gumb with bees instead of moths?
      • Sara it puts the bees in a bottle. (and then a box - and then to chris).
      • Brian Well, I did hear the other day that your art was all the buzz!!! ba-dum-bump
      • Ashley Are they honey bees?
      • Sean That's crazy I'm pretty sure you could incorporate them into a piece though
      • Jordan Oh, did I send you bees? I meant to send you hornets. :P
      • Jody um.... they might have needed more training. they were to attack at first sight. I will get it rite next time. :-)
      • Brian So I'm sad. Has nobody thought about the fact those bees are dead? #ASPCAB (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Bees)
      • Brian Wow, thanks Chris! That post was good for at least three cheesy jokes. I'm done now...
      • Betty but brian you left off --he's the bees knees. lol
      • Brian Ah yes good one! For Chris' sake though I hope the bees stay dead because you don't want to mess with zombie bees! Trust me...they're annoying.
      • Betty ZOMBEEES
      • AJ Maybe someone's trying to make you BEE-Have!
      • Molly WEIRD
      • Betty unbeeweavable these jokes.
      • Jonathan It was the Candyman.
      • Stormy It was my Valentine. They were supposed to fly out and write BEE MINE. It must have gotten lost. I just didn't want Sally to bee-at my ass. :(
      • Betty ooooh @ jonathan--god that movie fraked me out.
      • Angela SP: LOL
      • Stormy ‎;D
      • Mulysa Why can't I get weird packages like that?
      • Ryan perhaps it was a fans way of showing their appreciation for all the bees you put in your art.
      • Karina yikes
      • Chris Hamer Thank you guys! I might use them to BEE-Dazzle something !!
      • Lori Were they alive? Surely you can;t throw away a box of bees!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Super Drunk Girl vs. Super Sober Girl

This is a funny painting I did 2 nights ago. It is for an art show about villians at the Highlander starting tonight. I plan to tell you all about my adventures with rabies but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh, and this painting isn't the framed version. Just a snapshot beforehand.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Motley Crue Cross-stitch

More than 2 years. 13, 776 x's. Finally, it is complete! My Motely Crue cross-stitch is finally a reality! If anyone knows them, tell them to call me and I want a pic of them with it! PS- sorry if they look funny, I just followed the album and it's hard not to look cross-eyed when you are made of tiny x's.