Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to Crafts!

You will all be happy to know that I kept myself busy these past few days. In addition to all of my fantastic TV watching, i also made some little grippies for my crutches and I bedazzled my new fine footwear! I AM fashion.

Oh, and as a special bonus, here is a picture of my newly crushed pinkie toe. It was a rough day for crutches and feet in my house.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Anna ate those thermacare heat wraps. Yep. She shredded them on the couch, ate them up, and proceeded to puke them up all over my bed! Then Turkey ate that and I'm waiting for her to puke. ARGH!!!!

Like sands through the hourglass

So my "vacation" is nearing an end. In the past week + I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of TV that i have watched. Perhaps the pain pills helped, but I think I would have enjoyed it just as much without them.
I'm all caught up on ANTM previous cycles. I'm hooked on A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila, I rewatched the entire season of rock of Love and Heather WAS the right one for Bret, he was just scared. MTV lied when they said "watch this Wednesday to see who gets kicked out of the house on the Real World Sydney". Let me tell you, I took time out of my busy schedule and I chose to maintain my relationship with the Real world instead of watching a fresh episode of one of the Law and Orders. and guess what? Those assholes lied! NO ONE got kicked off the Real world. Of course, we now know that Trisha -or whatever the blond whore's name is- pushed Prissa -or whatever the Indian or Pakistani or whatever nationality whore's name is- and Prissa gets to decide whether the blond whore is kicked off. I think she should have her booted because then the other brown haired sluts will be soooo mean to her and it will be worth watching.
Back on topic- last night I watched 6 episodes of some awesome show called Cold Case. That show and Without a Trace are my new Law and Orders although Law and Order is still awesome.
In addition to copious amounts of TV, I have also been sewing like mad! I have holes in my fingers from sewing them to things (thanks a lot percocet). I also managed to eat about 25 pounds of chocolate, cookies, cake, and candies. The Maribou Biscuit is one of the all time best chocolate bars EVER! So f-in good! Besides the TVm chocolate, and sewing, I've been enjoying a nap here and there and everywhere. I have managed to break the record today and as of this moment I have actually stayed awake for 5 hours and 48 minutes. That said, I'm going off to nap right now!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Radish Incident of 2007

So, I went to get my surgery and they ask "have you eaten anything since midnight?" Of course, being a dummy, I answered truthfully, "yes, but it was TINY! It was a teeny tiny piece of radish. I was in the yard and noticed that the radishes were ready and I bit the tip off one and ate it."
That being said, the nurse went to talk it over with the doctors. "We're sorry, we have to cancel your surgery"
I begged and pleaded and the nurse offered for me to talk with the anesthesiologist. I explained that it really was the tiniest piece of radish and it was completely unintentional. He told me about some lady who said she had "a bite" of chicken which was actually a thigh and drumstick so he had to be absolutely sure. Its not that they're afraid I'll poop myself. If I was lying it could make me choke to death on my own vomit and well, I didn't want that either.
So I assured all doctors I was telling the truth and as a compromise, they bumped me to last in line. That meant sitting in the back with an IV, hungry as an ethiopian baby in the 80's, wearing horrible hospital issue underwear and a gown, watching episode after episode of America's Next top Model from 12:30 to 6:00pm. Scott was a trooper and sat with me most of the time.
I'm glad I got it done. Now that I have told you the embarrassing radish story, I will go back to bed. Later today i will try to post some awesome pictures! But maybe not.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So I'm getting my bunion worked on tomorrow so I may be away for a bit. I know you'll miss me. But just because I'm laid up, doesn't mean you can't go shop! I wanted to do this craft show with my craft buddies but alas, it would be quite uncomfortable. And my sweet sweet boyfriend offered to do it for me, but I'm just not that cruel to make him set up shop and be surrounded by a bunch of cute single crafty ladies. So check this out on Saturday the 17th:

Indie Craft Experience This Saturday!
Come on out this Saturday for the Indie Craft Experience! With 75+ vendors you can get all your holiday shopping done at this amazing event and save yourself a trip to the mall ... oh, and did we mention you'll have *fun* on top of it?! Need a break from all the great shopping? Stop and have a drink, listen to some music, dig through your swag bag and enjoy the festivities!
This event features local crafters from Atlanta & Athens as well as national crafters from Portland, Chicago & NYC! What's the Indie Craft Experience all about? Click here to find out! Scroll to the bottom to see a video about ICE created by PBA30's "This is Atlanta." Date: Saturday, November 17, 2007 Time: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.Admission: $5*Location: The B Complex1272 Murphy AvenueAtlanta, Georgia 30310 *The Indie Craft Experience believes giving to the community is very important. The $5 admission fee goes to Hagar's House (a local shelter for women & children) and Handmade Nation (a self-funded documentary on the indie craft movement).
And if you need more crafty shopping, check out Paideia's arts fundraiser on Saturday AND Sunday. There's also the Big Angel Blowout at Whitespace gallery on Edgewood. That one goes on from Thursday evening til Sunday.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I feel so naked and craftless

So I dropped off ALL of my arts and crafts this weekend. I brought them to the Spruill Arts Gallery near Perimeter Mall on Ashford Dunwoody Road and they will sell all of my wares since I can't do any of the Christmas fairs this season (due to my impending foot surgery). They have a Holiday market starting next Monday through to Christmas Eve. You should go buy things there.

Holiday Artist Market
Nov 20 - Dec 24, 2007
Opening Reception:Mon, Nov 19, 6 - 8pm
Market Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday - SaturdayClosed Thanksgiving Day
Unusual, hand-crafted gifts for your holiday pleasure. Items priced for any pocketbook!
On December 1, in observance of WORLD AIDS DAY, "Lost," artworks by Terry S. Hardy will be on exhibit in the Back Gallery.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Obsessive? Compulsive.

So last night we were talking about our childhood and one of my friends mentioned that their significant other would listen to the top 40 and write down every song and chart them and record the ups and downs. This person still has notebooks filled with this stuff. I mean, every SINGLE Saturday, Casey Casem (sp?) and that crap he spewed and the little inspirational moments as well as the awesome awesome top 40 hits of the week. What did their friend's think of this? Did they have any friends? No, I'm not making fun, at all, for once.

I did not have many friends. We lived in condos and the youth population was usually scarce. There were tons of old people like Miss Bea and Mr. Bob. They all had poodles too. But I digress. Anyway, I used to collect coins. Any weird foreign coin, Susan B Anthony dollars, Bicentennial name it. But mostly just pennies. Lots and lots of pennies. There was a system too. The 2 dollar bills from Grandma on my birthday went into an envelope. The foreign coins went into their own box. The quarters and Susan B.'s each had their own special jars. The pennies (except for wheat pennies) all went into the ceramic piggy my Mom gave me. I was like a little 8 year old coin librarian.

When I would get bored, or when the pig was filling up, I would pour all of the pennies out. I would sort them into piles by decade and then later sort the decade piles into individual year piles. If I knew I had way more than 2-3 hours to kill, I might even seperate them by mint ( thats the little D on the coin near the date). Now, you might already realize how bored and /or lonely I was. But its about to get worse.

After sorting into piles I would start in my Mom's bathroom and then work my way through her bedroom, into the hall, down the stairs, throught the living room, through the dining room, into the kitchen and finally into the downstairs bathroom. What was I doing? Well, of course I was laying my pennies out in a straight line through all of these rooms, in order, by date. But wait! The system continues!

If, and that's a strong IF the pennies reached from bathroom to bathroom, then I would count each date of pennies and if I had 50 of any given date (and mint of course) then I could roll them and label the outside of the roll and put them in my extremely heavy shoebox filled with rolled coins. At one point I had like 50 bucks in pennies that were rolled by date.

So, after telling you all this, you may now realize how I can make quilts all the time. Its all in the system, the level of insanity, the healthy dose of OCD (I contest the D), and a lot of money for fabric.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Go to Google. Type in Sew sew def. You don't even need any dashes.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Chomp and Stomp

The Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp was a delicious blast of success! I had some great chili, I sold my wares, got a delicious cheddar corndogski from Pallookaville, and generally wore myself out!

Thanks to everyone who made it out, got some chili, hung out some more, and even the people who bought stuff from me!

To those who didn't make it, mark your calendars! Next year- first Saturday in November. Be there or be square!

When Craft disaster strikes

It all happened 2 days ago. It was a beautiful day outside, the birds were chirping, fall leaves tumbled about in the street. It was time for my friend Ted to start thinking about making Christmas presents.

Ted gathered wood, and he gathered a jigsaw. He was in Lowe's and scooped up a quart sized can of stain to finish off his gifts. Then, as he was perusing the hardware aisle, disaster struck! The can flew out of his hand and though he dove and struggled to catch it, the can hit the ground with a clang heard for aisles over. Stain splashed everywhere- waist high on his pants, all over the display, all over the floor. Warm woody brown.

Being a good person, he alerted the staff so it could possibly be cleaned before permanent damage was done. Can you believe a Lowe's employee was mean to him about it too?

Anyway, after the horror of the spilled stain, he still went about his day, happily created the new and improved OVEN SQUIRREL!!!!! Behold! This magical creation helps pull hot pans out of the oven, and can also scrape icky ook off the rack! Next time you cook a freezer pizza you'll wish you had one of these!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


So last night I celebrated Halloween by procrastinating crafts and sewing for fun filled Chicken times. I wrapped myself in my chicken costume once again and ran around East Atlanta to see all of the kids in their costumes. I accidently scared a few and intentionally chased a couple. It was all in good fun. Oh, and I entered a costume contest at Haas Bar but was robbed by the buttefly catcher family. I would have entered at the Graveyard as well, but I thought I would give other people a chance to win. Hahah, I actually just knew I couldn;t handle defeat twice in one evening with the BEST COSTUME EVER!
So, after running around frolicking as a chicken, I got home and instantly fell UP the stairs. I don;t drink so its not like I was wasted or anything. I was simply running up the stairs and Turkey got under the chickens feet. Turkey is pictured above. Her full name is Turkey Chicken-Bone Murderface III. She's cute for an asshole. Anyway, my knee is killing me right now.
For the three of you reading this, come to Youngblood tonight and buy krafts!