Thursday, July 30, 2009

My job fixed my toe!

For years I've done home surgery on my ingrown toenails. I got them from too small shoes on my too giant feet and from smashing them and then picking. Don't pick! Anyway, the toe is almost totally better! Here's what the doctor does:

First he shoved a wooden stabby stick under the nail to drain the gore, then he sliced the length of nail with an x-acto scalpel thing. Then he got cut pliers and YANKED my nail out! I totally could have done that at home with some "cold spray" like they had. I told him I almost had the procedure perfected and he assured me that as soon as i got out of school and had a certificate showing it i could work there.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its been a month! sorry dudes.

My feelings were so hurt by the raging river that i fell into a deep well of depression. BUT I have returned! Here is a snake to make you happy! Scott saw it in the street on his way home and he single handedly gathered a volunteer who prevented it from being crushed to death. Scott ran home and got some bins so we could take it to the creek. The silly snake decided to slither away slowly, risking life and lack of limb, but he eventually went to live in the kudzu. I estimate his length at about 6 feet or so. My extensive research tells me it is a grey rat snake.