Thursday, February 19, 2009

What is wrong with people?

A person who works in the building with me and we sometimes interact sent this. It was completely deniable until this person put it in writing! Sheesh! People never cease to amaze me.

Hi, Lori. I’m sending this by e-mail so I can copy blank and blank so they will know of a statement that I made to you a few days ago that I’m concerned about. You and I had a discussion where I ended the conversation by saying that you shouldn’t trust anyone, including me. While my intentions were good, that statement would be very hurtful to others if it was repeated out of context. You are working with very nice people, some of whom I consider my friends and some I highly respect. I hope you will accept my apology for that misleading statement, and know that I will be cautious with my wording in the future.

If I can do anything to assist you please don’t hesitate to call on me.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

So, I've never been huge on the hoopla of Valentine's day. I think it should be a celebration of love all around, not worship the woman day. Scott took me to eat Chinese at my super fave restaurant Happy Valley on Jimmy Carter Blvd. I almost exploded! We also went to the Hong Kong market next door and stocked up on awesome items for foodfest 2009. Foodfest 2009 is where I decided to cook. It doesn't happen often, but this time it was an all day affair! I started by making Basil shrimp rolls. Mmmm, with the sweet chili die for! Next I made spring rolls, the fried ones. I used the whole pack of wrappers. I made about 24 and then froze some of them so now I can make them anytime! I served these with a hoisin sauce. Oh, and if you squash some oreos up with cream cheese and wrap it up like a spring roll, and then fry it, this is a super delicious treat! Next we had chicken coconut milk soup. Soooo easy and so delicious! I just had my leftovers for lunch. The last course i made was fish cakes. These are a spicy fried cake like a crab cake, but better. And the sweet cucumber dipping sauce accents it perfect! Oh my god i ate so much even though I was trying to eat small portions. To top off the evening Scott made lobster (and snails but we don't talk about that). Needless to say, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach so now he loves me even more!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lunchtime ride

Today at lunch I went to eat with my friend. He was able to procure a cart for us so we wouldn't have to walk. You know how I hate to move. Anyway, it was soooo much fun! We jumped curbs, we zipped around students, we even took it and parked at the restaurant we went to. It TOTALLY made my day!