Friday, September 24, 2010

2nd piece for lucky star art show

This is my second piece for the lucky star art show. I don't love it. Scott says it reminds him of Roy Orbison. Jerk.

Training a hunter

Miyagi has already proven to be a stealthy bug killer. Now we are working on mice. I got some stuffed ones from IKEA and so far he has really taken to them. If I catch any more live ones I may give him a go in the back yard.

The second photo shows his red eye rage at those dastardly mice!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lucky Star- Here is my print!

This is a linoelum block print. 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper. I made it for the Lucky Star show this Saturday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lucky Star- Saturday

I signed up to be in a Madonna inspired art show! Well, it was partly on accident and I forgot until I saw my name on the flier. OOOPS!

So, last night I began my linoleum block to print my madonna out. I will print it tonight and hopefully it will only need a few minor adjustments.

I also plan to do another piece but not until this one is completed and framed and ready to go!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Famous again!

Sarah and I were interviewed by Scoutmob recently and it just hit the interwebs. Check it out!

Here's the interview in case you are too lazy to go check it out:
Meet Third Half Studios

In the words of Lori and Sarah, “Everybody loves a Zombie squirrel!” And you know what? We couldn’t agree more. The two ladies are engineering and designing the kitschy Third Half Studios; Lori began as a traditional quilter and went under the business name of Sew Sew Def. When she joined forces with Sarah, they wanted a name that did not implicate just sewn items (or the famous Southern rap label). They chose "Third Half Studios" because, between the two, they have so much brains they had to keep the extra half in a jar. Or maybe between the two, they only have one and a half brain pieces. It's fuzzy math. But since we love crafty and cutesy things you can’t just find at Urban Outfitters, we wanted to get to know these fun-lovin' ladies a little bit better:

SCOUT: Tell us how might people know you?
L&S: Third Half Studios is made up of Lori Kishlar and Sarah Marks. We have a mix of hand-crafted as well as manufactured items emblazoned with our original designs. Our zombie forest animal melamine plates are the most popular item right now. Everybody loves a Zombie squirrel!

SCOUT: Describe Third Half Studios to someone who has never seen it?
L&S: Darling yet sinister graphic characters on a variety of items mixed with homespun craftiness. Old-fashioned crafts like your grandma would make...if your grandma was disturbed in some way.

SCOUT: My grandmother is luckily not too terribly disturbed. But does love Zombie Squirrels. Go figure. Tell us how you ladies met?
L&S: Two years ago Lori was invited to attend a secret craft society meeting. Sarah is the Master of Ceremonies for the local chapter. We hit it off and Lori was formally initiated in. We've been inseparable ever since.

SCOUT: That a super secret fairytale. Your designs are pretty eclectic. Tell us your personal faves?
L&S: Sarah likes everything: fabrics, housewares, light fixtures, jewelery, doorknobs. Everything. Lori just tags along. Lori likes the less wholesome items. She just made a sock monkey in tribute to the movie ”The Human Centipede” (Be warned if you watch the trailer.) Sarah is currently working on making some hilariously disturbing fabrics for Lori to incorporate into quilts.

SCOUT: Now that you have combined your crafty powers, what is your favorite project you have done together?
L&S: We both have the most fun brainstorming for themed art shows. There was a Star Wars inspired art show at the Highlander recently that was fun and the next that we are creating for is a Day of the Dead show coming up at Youngblood in the Highlands.

SCOUT: When you aren’t oozing creative juices, where in Atlanta to you go to escape & kick back?
L&S: Sarah loves going to the bookstore more than anything and sometimes she goes to the White Windmill Bakery to have fresh red bean buns and sketch. The rare times Lori goes out past bedtime she ends up in East Atlanta, usually Gravity Pub, or at a friend’s house. Both love going to kitschy places for roadtrips: Pasaquan, the Georgia Guidestones, Ave Maria Grotto…

SCOUT: Another local Atlantan that inspires you or your work?
L&S: There are so many: Chris Hamer of Urbnpop Studios, LoriGami, and Jay Hornsby, the Belligerent Monkey are a few that pop up immediately. Chris and Lorigami are great inspiration in that they actually are making a full-time living on their arts/crafts which is what we both are aiming for. Jay’s style is complimentary and we try to help each other out when one or the other can’t make it to a festival.

SCOUT: Where do you go to get new ideas?
Lori: Sleep.
Sarah: I don’t really have to go anywhere. Ideas fly around me constantly and hit me like a frying pan to the face. Real life for both of us is bizarre and inspirational.

SCOUT: Tell us your favorite “curious find” in Atlanta?
L&S: Buford Highway Flea Market ”Holiday Mall” is always an adventure. Everyone should go at least once! At least three stores sell accordions and there is a special photo-booth where they snap your picture and when it prints, you are holding hands with Jesus! One time a man asked me for money in the parking lot and when I said I didn’t have any, he cursed, removed his leg and angrily shook it at me.

SCOUT: What are you currently working on?
Day of the Dead show caskets and new products for upcoming holiday shows and festivals like the L5P Halloween Fest, the EAV Strut, and Indie Craft Experience (which we are currently applying for). We are also working with Netherworlds people on a special line for their gift shops.

SCOUT: Finally, throw out a shameless plug of where people can see your work?
Libertine in Little 5 Points carries our products and our website is Also check out our Etsy page for one-of-a-kind items like the now infamous sock monkey sculpture.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Buford Dam

Two weeks ago, after a day of attempting to get to Lake Lanier and fish, we realized we were failing. So we drove over to the Buford Dam. Its soooo cool I wish I could be there today. See, the dam releases water from the bottom of the lake, which makes it super icy. The water running from the outlet stays so cold that it takes your breath away if you dare to put your feet in it. See Scott below, his feet turned blue! It also makes a steamy cool fog/mist and it's so lovely. Way out, in the center of the photo you can see a trout fisherman out there.

Friday, September 17, 2010

East Atlanta Strut!!!! tomorrow!

So tomorrow is the Strut. This is my favorite festival each year and now there's more exciting stuff going on. There is a mechanical bull which should be hilarious once people get really wasted. Then there is a circus- The Imperial Opa! Sarah and I are ready to party (and sell you zombie plates). come check out Third Half Studios. Our booth is between the EARL and Joe's coffee shop.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This wasn't how these traps were supposed to work!

So I have a mouse problem. One day I walked into my craft room- where the magic happens- and I saw THREE mice jump off the couch and run under the attic door. Awwwww Helllll nawwwww. nope. We aren't having it. That nice i had nightmares and restless sleep and before work the very next morning I was at my local big box retailer buying death in boxes. I decided to do science and purchased a variety of traps. All shapes and sizes. Day 1 I went ahead and put the glue traps down. BOOM! Caught one. It was kinda pitiful and heartwrenching to see him squirm but oh well, its really his or her own fault. The next morning BOOM! A second one in the same glue trap! Time to toss that gross thing. Then I set the expensive "Kill and contain" trap. Now, this is a white box that promises to kill the mouse and keep it from my sight. I set it before bed and the next morning i had captured number 3! Of course if you see three then there are 100 so only 97 more to go. But wait...So the white plastic kill and contain box had a head sticking out of the tiny bait door. EWWWWW! THAT wasn't supposed to happen. oh well, he's dead. I reach down to use the convenient carry tab that was promised to me on the packaging...oh holy hell that thing is alive and the minute I touched the trap it was screaming and squealing and carrying on...i dropped it and ran. After catching my breath in the front yard I went back into the battle. I used a coat hanger to hook the trap and put it into an empty dog food bag. Mr. mouse was screaming the whole way downstairs, the dogs are jumping all over me like i have treats in the bag and we go outside. Now, i am pissed. I didn't buy the super expensive traps for THIS to happen. I dumped the trap out and took a picture and decided to push the release button and set him free. But then I discovered his poor little legs were paralyzed. Sigh...I was looking for a proper rock to put him down and then the neighbor Tony James comes out and asks what I was doing. "oh, just torturing a mouse"...and then here comes Mama. She's my outside kitty. she bats at the little mouse-who by this time is probably having a heart attack. Tony James sees this and exclaims "OH! Are they friends?" and at that EXACT moment Mama swoops in chomps on the mouse and carries it to the bushes for dinner. Good girl. Tony James...well, bless his heart. Of course I reused that trap and it was successful the next time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I tried to make a cake recently. Well, like a month ago but i am a slacker at posting things on here. Anyway, my friend has a birthday next to mine so we make treats for each other. It makes people insanely jealous when you have a cake delivered and they don't.
So, I am no professional when it comes to baking. My treats taste good but they are ugly and I have only made about 2 successful cakes (i.e. no grand canyon down the center and no dogs getting a hold of them). Hey, I have an idea, lets try again! I know she likes carrot cake but I had a craving for chocolate. I also wanted to bring some treats to work if I was going to the effort. Soooo, why not make the cake half chocolate and half carrot cake with cream cheese icing? GENIUS! It was just a little wonky but once I drowned it in icing...well, it was still wonky. The tricky part was that I have no a/c. It was a hot hot August day and the icing was turning to soup. I would ice it, and throw it in the fridge, pull it out and write my saying, throw it in the fridge, add flowers...throw get the point. I had no choice but to let her know it was ugly but not poisoned.