Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Focus Group denial

I do these focus group studies sometimes and they usually net some serious cash. I was supposed to do one last night for 90 bucks. I answer the questions fairly honestly usually because I know they'll ask them again in some twisted way and I'm not quite devious enough to remember it all for the sake of getting to do a survey. The surveys are really pretty boring and usually about stuff that really doesn't matter to us- like cat food packaging. We spent 2 hours once discussing the cat change on the meow mix bag. I got to sit and drink 6 energy drinks one day (with a sloppy joe) to discuss if they were tasty and a good value. I have discussed cell phones, coke commercials, and TV pilots. Last night was supposed to be about Arbys and apparently when I had to take the survey on paper 2 weeks later my answers were a little off. Some circle talking lady just couldn't get it when I explained that sometimes I eat at a restaurant more than other times. and apparently it is a mortal sin to answer 2-3 times a month vs. 4-5. She made me made because she gibber-jabbered and kept talking in circles. I was like "what do you want me to put?" and she would start talking in a circle again until I snapped. I said "i don;t need this shit" and I left. She was still following me babbling in circles and I had to firmly tell her "I. Don't. CARE." anyway, they are fairly dumb and their sandwiches suck so I broke up with them in an email today:

Dear J**** Survey Group****,
I can’t continue this any longer.I am breaking up with you.Its not just last night either.I feel like this is becoming an abusive relationship and you are tearing at my spirit.You call and tease me acting like we’ll get together and say we will hang out and then you say no, I’m not good enough.You don’t trust me and you constantly ask the same questions over and over, without any clever disguise to make me wonder if you are really repeating yourself. Then, last night we got in an argument over Arby’s. Arby’s, really? You don’t trust my answers and while I really do eat at Arby’s you then question how often. Ridiculous. Whether I eat there 3 times a month or 4 shouldn’t REALLY affect anything one way or the other. Show me the product, tell me what you need to know, and I’ll answer you honestly and truthfully about whether it is a good value, or needs better packaging, or even if the whole thing is a terrible idea. But you won’t get that chance with me again because I really want you to never call me again. I can get better half sandwiches in my own home. I can make fake tea there too. You thought you were treating me great but you really weren’t. The truth of it all is that I am too good for you and I really never want you to call me again.
Oh, and the circle talker lady who just kept going in circles last night, well she sucks. I’m sorry I don’t keep a chart of what I eat with me. I’m also sorry she doesn’t understand a single thing a person tries to say. I appreciate the opportunity to waste 3 hours of my life last night but I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. Not for you anyway.
J****survey group***- take me off your list.We’re done.


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