Thursday, December 2, 2010

Whoa! I am BEHIND!

I went and saw Amy Sedaris speak recently. She told us all about her book "Crafts for Poor People" or something like that. Sarah couldn't go so I had my friend Amy sign a plate for her! I really wish you could see my HORRIBLE crayola sweater that I wore. Many people asked sensible polite questions about her acting career, past performances, etc. I stuck with the topic of the book. I asked" So, if you are making things with glitter and it gets in your eye but you don;t have tweezers, what other common household item would you use to get the glitter out of your eye?" She replied "a needle, no, no! TAPE! Just hold your eye open and slap it on and the glitter will stick to it." Then I asked "As a follow-up to the same subject, if you hurt yourself reallly bad while crafting, should you call 911 and finish your craft while waiting or should you finish your craft and then call 911?" Her answer was "whatever it takes to finish it. You don't want half done crafts laying around your house. They'll never get finished then."
Amy is very smart.

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dhogstedt said...

That is so completely awesome. I am terribly jealous that you could go. Classic Lori. Belated greetings from CA.