Thursday, July 28, 2011


So the pic was hard to get but this is a 2.5" square clear plastic box. It is filled with Bees. Miyagi my dog is a voracious bug hunter and during carpenter bee season he kills approximately one a day. During Palmetto Bug Season he also brings me gifts that are less appreciated. Anyway, I sent the box of bees 100% anonymous to my friend Chris Hamer. I hope he learns to appreciate it! Here's what the facebook had to say about it:
  • So I'm a bit freaked out!! I got a package tonight with no return address on it, and in side was a plastic container with bees?
    Did someone send me Bees for a reason? Let me know or I will be tossing some dead bees!

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      • Betty that's weird--maybe cuz the little skull bees you paint?

      • Betty no note? nothing?
      • Sara creepy.
      • Allyson Uhhhhh....yeah? That's pretty odd.

      • Brian Ok, that's just creepy. Jame Gumb with bees instead of moths?
      • Sara it puts the bees in a bottle. (and then a box - and then to chris).
      • Brian Well, I did hear the other day that your art was all the buzz!!! ba-dum-bump
      • Ashley Are they honey bees?
      • Sean That's crazy I'm pretty sure you could incorporate them into a piece though
      • Jordan Oh, did I send you bees? I meant to send you hornets. :P
      • Jody um.... they might have needed more training. they were to attack at first sight. I will get it rite next time. :-)
      • Brian So I'm sad. Has nobody thought about the fact those bees are dead? #ASPCAB (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Bees)
      • Brian Wow, thanks Chris! That post was good for at least three cheesy jokes. I'm done now...
      • Betty but brian you left off --he's the bees knees. lol
      • Brian Ah yes good one! For Chris' sake though I hope the bees stay dead because you don't want to mess with zombie bees! Trust me...they're annoying.
      • Betty ZOMBEEES
      • AJ Maybe someone's trying to make you BEE-Have!
      • Molly WEIRD
      • Betty unbeeweavable these jokes.
      • Jonathan It was the Candyman.
      • Stormy It was my Valentine. They were supposed to fly out and write BEE MINE. It must have gotten lost. I just didn't want Sally to bee-at my ass. :(
      • Betty ooooh @ jonathan--god that movie fraked me out.
      • Angela SP: LOL
      • Stormy ‎;D
      • Mulysa Why can't I get weird packages like that?
      • Ryan perhaps it was a fans way of showing their appreciation for all the bees you put in your art.
      • Karina yikes
      • Chris Hamer Thank you guys! I might use them to BEE-Dazzle something !!
      • Lori Were they alive? Surely you can;t throw away a box of bees!

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