Monday, October 1, 2012

Good morning vietnam!

Oh Jesus, 3:55am, Scott's running late for work (not his fault, they changed the call time) then all of a sudden there's terrible screeching from the kitchen, a dog explosion, screaming, then the dogs catch the villian that was already caught by the glue trap and then it's Turkey (my dog) and a live screaming mouse and Me and Scott trying to pull the glue trap and live screaming mouse off of Turkey. Let me say, that glue trap was WAY under the oven so Turkey shouldn't have gotten to it except the mouse was only half on it and well, that sucked. BUT, olive oil gets glue off. Oh and maybe the jerk ripping the insulation out of my oven is gone.  sorry no pics. 

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assissi3 said...

This is so funny. Again, I think you need to be a writer.