Monday, December 1, 2008


So today Ted and I went to the unemployment office. Its a lot like the DMV with its worn out carpet and chewed up chairs. It sees thousands of weary people each day and you can tell. There are no smiles and very little happiness in there. First you stand in line and get checked in. They tell you to make 2 copies of your separation notice and sit down. Then they call you and check your paperwork and tell you to sit down somewhere else. Then the lady calls your name and you go sit in a different place around a table. She recites the procedures that she recites over and over each day: Look at your booklet, turn to the back, write Dec. 10 on it. Now look at your first 8 and a half by 11, there's an address in the middle, now look at the pink page, this explains your benefits, now look at the green pages..." over and over to group after group. I bet she dreams about it. Well, after she was finished reciting she told us to go sit somewhere else, this time in front of some raggedy gross sticky computers. We had to enter our info and then give the lady our papers and we were done. The one funny thing was when this random strange man in a superman shirt walked up to our neighbor and told him that if he needed anything to let him know and gave him a business card with the wierd guy's picture (in the same superman shirt) and his email address. Very odd. Anyway, we made sure to wash our hands when we were leaving. Unfortunately we applied today, but we have to check in on the 10th and then we won't receive a check until after the new year. What a crock of shit. Next time they lay me off i would like more severance pay than 1 week please.

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