Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Hello all,

Its been a while. Sorry bout that but now I have lots of time to keep updated. I got laid off last Friday. So obviously if any of you know of awesome jobs, hit me up! In the meantime I'm at Scott's grandma's house and we ate a ton for dinner. Well, it was more of a lunch and then I passed out for 3 hours.

If anyone needs crafts for Christmas gifts (and I can pay the bills) then come to Kraftwork at Youngblood on the 4th. Thats a Thursday. Then I'll be at Joe's coffee shop on Saturday the 6th and you can get coffee, crafts, AND the east Atlanta Santa will be going on out back. Oh, and look to the right and you will see my etsy store. Share it with your friends!

Right on!

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