Monday, January 5, 2009

Cross your fingers

Lanie had another procedure just before Christmas and they opened her up like a present and took the wound out and then re-did her. She had stitches until today . YAY for her side healing! So I took her to the regular vet to show her off and let them know she was good and just had a bit of depression. I also mentioned that because she was depressed she was hardly eating and only walks and car rides brought her joy. Well, Dr. Miller looked at her gums, said they were pale and ran a couple of tests. So today I was all excited and then learned she has a mass in her belly, most likely her spleen. She had x-rays, an ultrasound, a blood transfusion and is currently in surgery. Cross your fingers for my dog baby!

Update! As of 8 she is doing great, waking up from surgery. She's now spleenless and the vet said he'd email pics. a normal spleen would have weighed about a pound but hers was 6 pounds! Learn more here

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Michele said...

As a recent first-time puppy mommy stories like this freak me OUT! Right now I'm reading a book about an outdoorsman's relationship with his dog. There are photos of the dog's funeral in the book, but I'm still balling my eyes out last night at the *mention* of him being sick, like it's a surprise or something. . .

Anyway, good luck with Laney. Puppy kisses.