Friday, January 23, 2009

My new job

So I've been here for 2 weeks. Its a little better than the beginning but I'm not in love. You can tell when you're in love with your job when you make it there on time and you actually kinda look forward to being there. Whether its the people or the actual work, it just isn't so hard to be there if you love it. Sure there are times where you might be on a downswing with your work but it turns around and you find your joy again. I wish I didn't dread getting up in the mornings. At lunch its like there are rockets attached to my feet. These rockets bring me nowhere but out the door to wander around and find a place to sit and watch the time tick by until I have to go back 1 hour later. Last Friday I made one label. Sure I answered some phone calls but overall I made one label. It looked fantastic though! Even perfect. Today I made about 15 labels. Maybe 18. But the excitement was looking each address up. What a fun game! Sigh...thank goodness its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

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