Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

So, I've never been huge on the hoopla of Valentine's day. I think it should be a celebration of love all around, not worship the woman day. Scott took me to eat Chinese at my super fave restaurant Happy Valley on Jimmy Carter Blvd. I almost exploded! We also went to the Hong Kong market next door and stocked up on awesome items for foodfest 2009. Foodfest 2009 is where I decided to cook. It doesn't happen often, but this time it was an all day affair! I started by making Basil shrimp rolls. Mmmm, with the sweet chili die for! Next I made spring rolls, the fried ones. I used the whole pack of wrappers. I made about 24 and then froze some of them so now I can make them anytime! I served these with a hoisin sauce. Oh, and if you squash some oreos up with cream cheese and wrap it up like a spring roll, and then fry it, this is a super delicious treat! Next we had chicken coconut milk soup. Soooo easy and so delicious! I just had my leftovers for lunch. The last course i made was fish cakes. These are a spicy fried cake like a crab cake, but better. And the sweet cucumber dipping sauce accents it perfect! Oh my god i ate so much even though I was trying to eat small portions. To top off the evening Scott made lobster (and snails but we don't talk about that). Needless to say, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach so now he loves me even more!


carrie faye said...
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carrie faye said...

well, i certainly hope that fish cakes are better than CRAP cakes. :)