Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Expressing herself

Last night I picked Turkey up from the vet. She apparently did not have fun and was terrified. When the manager tried to get her out of the run she wouldn't budge so her went to scoop her up. Well, her terror made her do some self-expression of the glands all of over him. He brought her out and i smelled it right away! When he came back with Eggroll I asked if she needed her glands expressed and he politely said "they've been expressed" and I was like "oh, was there a problem?" and he calmly said no, she was scared and expressed then quite clearly to me just now. I apologized to him and then patted turkey on the head "oh good girl, you saved mommy 20 bucks!!!"

Poor guy. Butt juice smells like a dead fish in a plastic bag in my truck in the summer.

Oh, and turkey got a bath.


Michele said...

I think butt juice smells like a mixture of poo, dead fish in the back of your truck, and bile. Good call on the bath. ;p

Pookie said...