Friday, May 29, 2009

Taxidermy Museum

On Roadside America I found this story about a taxidermy museum in Frankin NC. It was filllled with wonder and excitement. Mr. Three-fingers told us all about hunting in Africa and fishing in Costa Rica. He's named three fingers because a)I don't remember his name, b) someone called while we were there and asked for him by that description, and c) he only has 3 fingers. See, a while back he lost a couple of digits in a shark hunting incident involving a "boom-stick". So, Mr. 3F told us lots of interesting stories. He told us about the badger he saw on the side of the street. He wanted to pull the RV to a screeching halt. Instead he was forced to drive up to the next exit and loop around which took considerable time. Then he had to make the big sacrifice for the greater good. See, when you decide to taxidermy a roadkill it needs to be fresh and you have to hope there isn't a lot of bruising because that ruins the hide. Then you need to throw it into as deep of a freeze as you can as quickly as possible. So Mr. 3F was forced to eat a whole box of ice cream sandwiches in order to make space in the tiny freezer in the camper that they had hooked onto the truck. By the way, the badger was simply wonderful. He was black and white and looked sort of like an exotic raccoon!
At the museum I also met a jackalope. He wanted to come home with me but i just didn;t love his nose. It should be soft and pink but this one was a bit too pinched and it was black. While I love a black dog nose, this jackalope was not the one for me.

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