Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV music awards

Did anyone watch these last night other than the twilight fans and myself and Olivia? We watched in disgust as award after award got handed to Twilight for a movie filled with subpar acting and shoddy directing. I could understand them getting a few awards but Bella was a horrible actress. In fact she's every bit as awkward in real life- fidgeting and playing with her hair. Ugh.
More disappointing was how the awards show has become even more of a giant commercial than ever. I used to be slightly commercialized but this year I heard a lot about 4th meal, t-mobile and kia cars. In fact, the new kia is perfect for rats. I learned tha from the commercials.
and why did they keep showing Cameron Diaz? Everyone they repeatedly showed had a movie coming out but her. Olivia and i tried to figure out a decent movie she's been in but we couldn't come up with one. Any thoughts?
To sum it up, the show was a trainwreck but i couldn;t quit watching.

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Tank said...

Shrek, Gangs of New York (debatable), Being John Malkovich, Something About Mary, My Best Friend's Wedding.......of course she's staging a "comeback" like every other has-been out there.