Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sock Monkey Centipede

By now you must have seen the movie. The Human Centipede. Yes? No?!!!! Well go watch it immediately! No, don't. Well, yes, you should but only after reading the wikipedia review perhaps. Consider yourself warned.
These monkey babies were hand created and are filled with love, terror, horror, and a little regret. I love them so much. They are freshly surgically connected so they are still a little weak in the knees. Because of this i have created a stand with coat hangers soldered together and sprayed gold. But as you see, I am a genius, but not a metalsmith.
Each monkey was filled with cotton and fabric scraps. They have individual expressions of surprise, fear, and horror. Enjoy!

So, Its featured on boing boing! Thats an awesome awesome blog and its probably cooler than regretsy!

1 comment:

Tank said...

The sock monkeys are WAY more graphic than the movie...

I like!