Thursday, September 16, 2010

This wasn't how these traps were supposed to work!

So I have a mouse problem. One day I walked into my craft room- where the magic happens- and I saw THREE mice jump off the couch and run under the attic door. Awwwww Helllll nawwwww. nope. We aren't having it. That nice i had nightmares and restless sleep and before work the very next morning I was at my local big box retailer buying death in boxes. I decided to do science and purchased a variety of traps. All shapes and sizes. Day 1 I went ahead and put the glue traps down. BOOM! Caught one. It was kinda pitiful and heartwrenching to see him squirm but oh well, its really his or her own fault. The next morning BOOM! A second one in the same glue trap! Time to toss that gross thing. Then I set the expensive "Kill and contain" trap. Now, this is a white box that promises to kill the mouse and keep it from my sight. I set it before bed and the next morning i had captured number 3! Of course if you see three then there are 100 so only 97 more to go. But wait...So the white plastic kill and contain box had a head sticking out of the tiny bait door. EWWWWW! THAT wasn't supposed to happen. oh well, he's dead. I reach down to use the convenient carry tab that was promised to me on the packaging...oh holy hell that thing is alive and the minute I touched the trap it was screaming and squealing and carrying on...i dropped it and ran. After catching my breath in the front yard I went back into the battle. I used a coat hanger to hook the trap and put it into an empty dog food bag. Mr. mouse was screaming the whole way downstairs, the dogs are jumping all over me like i have treats in the bag and we go outside. Now, i am pissed. I didn't buy the super expensive traps for THIS to happen. I dumped the trap out and took a picture and decided to push the release button and set him free. But then I discovered his poor little legs were paralyzed. Sigh...I was looking for a proper rock to put him down and then the neighbor Tony James comes out and asks what I was doing. "oh, just torturing a mouse"...and then here comes Mama. She's my outside kitty. she bats at the little mouse-who by this time is probably having a heart attack. Tony James sees this and exclaims "OH! Are they friends?" and at that EXACT moment Mama swoops in chomps on the mouse and carries it to the bushes for dinner. Good girl. Tony James...well, bless his heart. Of course I reused that trap and it was successful the next time.


Sara Ashes said...

Mother of god. I don't know where to begin. "buying death in boxes." The mouse screaming from inside the dogfood bag. The photographic documentation. OMFG LORI!!!

Sarah said...

That sounds frustrating with the last trap...that would just gross me out. I don't mind killing the mice just don't want to torture them :(
I just recently used this one and it worked really well.