Thursday, February 9, 2012

You look nice today

Soooo, this past week has been CRAZAY! My friend once upon a time painted an awesome sign
and we all loved it. Well, eventually some designer somewhere decided to "steal" the image and that designer worked for H&M and then H&M put out a bunch of items with the design. My friend was bummed and I said to just take it back. So we did.
I cut a stencil and we bought a ton of IKEA mats and all of a sudden a fundraiser was born. My friend Tori, the original creator, wanted to design to go towards good so it was a fundraiser for her friend's dog. Then our friends at Regretsy got involved and BAM! Worldwide attention, tons of press, and a nice agreement with H&M to make everyone smile. So in the end thousands of dollars will go to my community and animal rescue groups, as well as Fred the dog's surgery. Now I have to go work my sweatshop and MAKE MORE MATS!