Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fried Chicken at the Colonade

We went to the Colonade on Cheshire Bridge Road last night. It was A+! We've been scouring Atlanta for fried chicken and this was next on the list. First they bring each person a plate of butter and some crackers. Weird combination but thats cool. I'm used to them tossing all the butter in a bowl and presenting it that way but as I thought about it the bread came. 3 kinds! Yeast rolls. Wheat yeast rolls and little corn muffins. YUM! We were definitely the youngest people there for the early bird special (which ends at 6:30). You save a buck and get a free drink and dessert. I did the chicken friend chicken and so did Sarah. It is a HUGE portion of juicy delicious chicken! The gravy was mild and delicious. Robyn got the real friend chicken and it was also good. crispy and juicy! The fluffy whipped potatoes were as i hoped and expected but the okra was a little cold. I still ate it all. I definitely think this is one of my all time favorites now! It totally beats out Mary Macs!

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