Sunday, January 27, 2008

Movies with 3 year olds

So, as I sat sewing, trying to finish my quilt for myself, my friends and I watched a movie. If you haven't seen the latest Lindsey Lohan movie "I Know Who Killed Me" then you should rush out and rent it right now. So, we were watching this cinematic beauty with my friend's 3 year old daughter. I was assured it was okay and that she didn't understand so okay, we watched it. The little girl would ask "what's that?" and we would answer "crafts, its paint". "Why she is running?" and our response would be "Her cat got out and she's trying to find it". "why she has blood?" was "She's becoming a woman and got her period. You know how Mommy asks you to get her a tampon? Well, thats what she needs". Basically it was totally hilarious that we turned a horrible movie about stigmatic twins that don't know they're twins into a Disney coming of age tale involving a couple of your girls, their crafts, and their pets. Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

As a just-retired teacher, my reaction to the three-year old "not understanding" may be a little more cautious. Children are exposed to so much inappropriate material it affects their choices as they get older...middle school...high school. Next time I'd recommend choosing a more suitable movie and watching the blood and gore one when you have no young ones present.

Teddy said...

That is awesome!

Diana said...

Look, I watch a lot of shit. Is this "so bad it's good," or just bad? Ah, fuck it. I'll just go put it in the Netflix.