Monday, January 14, 2008

My work in progress, a quilt for ME!!!!!

This is only a quarter, not even, or the quilt i am making for myself. I didn't buy anything new for the top. I've thinned my scrap pile and thinned the pile of "too much fabric". I've also learned to be more careful measuring. Always remember to measure twice cut once. This was started on December 27 and I hope to be done by MLK day. Yes, its a birthday present for him.


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Diana said...

Hey, you're not allowed to make stuff for yourself!

Seriously though, once I finish my stuff I have to get it out of my sight. There are rare exceptions, but I can't stand to look at any of my crap once I'm done with it.

Sara Salmongirl said...

This is looking beautiful! You've inspired me to use my day off to work on the sashing I've been avoiding on my quilt.