Wednesday, January 9, 2008

NPR fame

Last night I went to my quilt guild to learn about judging techniques on quilt show juried contests. Basically I learned that the judges are sticklers for perfection (which I am not) and that I need to just keep doing what I'm doing and not worry about whether one end is 1/2 of an inch narrower than the other. i have a ton of quilts to work on already:

Jimmy's daughter's baby quilt
Olivia's awesome bloody quilt
The awesome bear/Fox quilt for Ashley
T-shirt quilt for Jeff

so many more! If you want one, you better say so soon! Prices rise as demand increases. sorry, thats just how it is.
Back on topic, at the quilt guild, there was a reporter from NPR. He sat and recorded a good bit of the meeting and at the end he interviewed three of us! Shannon has been quilting for-EVER and just started her own business of long-arm quilting. In case you don't know, a long arm quilter is a sewing machine on casters that makes it much easier to do amazing design work with the quilting (which holds the three layers of a quilt together). Last year a quilt she quilter won the East Cobb best of Show which is AWESOME!
Next, they interviewed me. I hope i used great radio voice but i honestly don;t remember a lot of the questions. I do know I called it a blanket once instead of a quilt but I'm okay with that if no one else is.
Lastly, Taffy was interviewed. She's older and very skilled. She was so at ease with the reporter and effortlessly answered all of his questions with such style and grace! Its like she has no nerves. Shannon and I felt like we were idiots and that we just embarrassed ourselves in front of all of Atlanta but I assured her that only old people (and my boyfriend) listen to NPR.

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