Monday, March 17, 2008

East Atlanta Twister

First let me say that yes, everything is fine with me and my stuff. My friends are all okay and suffered some downed trees but nothing major. Remember how helpless you felt during Katrina and how you wanted to help but couldn't? Well this time I was able to. First I offered my freezer to anyone with perishables. I also frantically cleaned (ish) my house and scrubbed my bathroom in case the power was out much longer and then people could shower and camp at Casa de Lori. This was all for nothing 9except a clean house) because no one took me up on it. Sunday, we formed the East Atlanta Posse and collected 13 or so able and willing bodies and we tackled about 4 trees. We cleared the one blocked Van Epps first. As we were working clearing smaller limbs and trying to tackle the big stuff, the neighbor comes down the driveway and right out to help us in HIS BOBCAT! He had it laying around the back. He also had an extra chainsaw that was of the kickass variety. We next helped a neighbor clear her yard and back door. They didn't have insurance so we got the tree off the roof and made it safe enough to walk around. When we were clearing the tree across Blake and May ave. this tree company truck pulled up. Uh oh, rumble. There were so many vultures out price gouging and ripping people off. But this guy with the Timberwolf Tree Service silently got out, collected his chainsaw, and just set to work. His chainsaw was also of the awesome variety and he kicked much ass with it. His helper was the strongest short man I've ever seen. If you EVER need a tree person, I say try the Timberwolf.

So, the damage is intense and we stayed out of the heavy hit areas because there was so much going on and so many people and news crews and gawkers. It was pretty intense. I'm sore as shit today and glad I helped.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Is there no end to your kindness and useful skillset? Come the revolution (or the apocalypse, whichever happens first) I definitely want you on my team!