Sunday, March 9, 2008

North Georgia Mtns Trip

So, Scott and I wanted to get away this weekend. I have 1 million projects to work on, but they'll wait. I only had THIS weekend before a marathon season of dogsitting. I'll be dogsitting every weekend until May, except for the weekend I go to a wedding. So, weather be damned, we were going!
We went to Ellijay Friday night. We had a delicious Longhorn dinner and then cheked into a cute lodge down the street. The sign said kooky and they were right! I went in to inquire as to cost and the desk clerk stopped mid sentence to stare deeply into my eyes and comment on all of the colors. It got me a discount too! Our room was clean and cute and I slept awesome. What was better was waking up to a winter wonderland of giant snow flakes filling the sky and coating the ground! Yes! That day we wandered around the mountains, stopping at awesome places like the Bargain Barn. We bought some fishing gear for Scott and then went to Amicalola Falls. It was really nice so we booked a room. After we checked in we noticed a public education thing going on and lo-and-beholed! OWLS! The ranger taught us about Barn owls, Barred owls, and screech owls before pulling out the mack daddy Great Horned Owl! Isn't he awesome? We got to hold him and get our new myspace pics. I also got to hold a possum.
Anyway, later Saturday night was the Smith House for dinner. I was completely car sick and I now hate the road called 60 that leads to Suches. BLECH! But I was still able to pack away some vittles before we headed back to our room at the falls.
Today was another adventure indeed. We now had maps aplenty, a fishing guide that let us know which streams were free game, and the desire to get out and about in nature. following what seemed to be the way, we were on a dirt road. There was an awesome stream beside us and we followed it for a while hoping it would get bigger. We wound up up and around, up and around zig zagging here and there. I was getting worried, and sick, but I tried to be strong and not be the naggy-pukey-girlfriend who doesn't want to do anything fun. We reached the summit and took a breather. There was another car there but no people around. We realllly didn't want to backtrack the 15 miles back the same route when we could just continue this way and follow the road down. So we started off. It was a little rocky, and a little icey. Then it was a lot rocky and a lot icey. My little honday (yes, laugh now) was getting tore up! We were bottoming out and scraping all over all sorts of things! The problem was that it was reallly narrow with no place to turn around. My stomach was in knots and before I cried or we got stuck i yelled we should stop now! We got out and surveyed and decided we could NOT make it further in the civic, but how to get back up? Well, I stood at the edge of the cliff so scott could see where to stop and he made a multi-point slippy skidding turn and got us turned around. We made it back up almost tearfully and then coast back down, defeated. Later we did find a spot for him to fish but it required SO much less adventure. I sat in the sun and read and relaxed and then we headed home.


Anonymous said...

That sounds fun! But the scary car ride part gives me a stomach ache.


Anonymous said...

We too went on a mountain adventure a couple of weeks ago, but we rented a cabin and took our own food and didn't leave the cabin at all. Pure bliss, not having to see another human being but my hubby!

Claire said...

i would have started crying way earlier in that story.

Sara Ashes said...

you held a possum? sick dude. sick. but maybe my position on this is jaded cuz i just had to chase one out of my house. I shudder to think of voluntarily holding one in your HANDS.

okay yeah- sick, dude!