Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For Sara


Sara Ashes said...

oh MAN. I caNOT believe you did this. Held the possum OR associated me with your sick possum fetish.

I vomitted a little inside my mouth right now.

And you're not only touching it but HUGGING it? And SMILING?!?

I repeat- sick dude. Sick.


Sara Ashes said...

and my current blog, is dedicated to you. :)

zeppo said...

THIS sarah thinks that is the most boss picture ever.
I imagine possums smell vaguely of licorice.

Oh here is the Owl cam I was telling you about:

they havent showed up this year yet but it is just about time for them to do so.

Ivette Spradlin said...

you gross!

Diana said...

I'm with sara ashes. That ish is gross.