Thursday, July 17, 2008

Its Baby Blanket Season!

The babies are plentiful this year. Jimmarie at work had her baby and this is the blanket for her! Its got little owls all over the blue square centers. The back is blown courderoy with green dots and pink dots. I love it! Next I am making a couple for old coworkers and craft friends and 2 for a coworker who is having twins. Slow down everyone, I can;t keep up! So now I have 6 baby blankets all due in the next couple of months, 2 full size quilts for Christmas gifts and a ton of things to make for my craft fair in September! YEESH!


Ivette Spradlin said...

so much work!

i like the way the owls pop in and out of frame. especially when the little head pops up. it makes it very animated and fun. (hey, just like you!)

keep up the good work.

Sara Ashes said...

i totally agree with ivette about the framining of the owls- lovely! nice work!