Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My birthday!

So, since I've been stressed I lived it up for my birthday. It was last Thursday and it was rad. I had made a deal with a coworker that we would make cakes for each other. I made her a strawberry shortcake and she got me my favorite: a cookie cake from the great american cookie company. She asked for the impossible in an effort to get a cakewreck but the designer actually succeeded in writing "You better use it before you lose it don't throw it away heyhey hey" which is perfect because its a Motley Crue lyric. I also got cake from work and on Sunday a cake from Jimmy. Thats 3 cakes! Later that night I went to the imperial fez for dinner. We ate so much food and it was weird but deliciously so. The belly dancer needs a sandwich though.

Friday I left work early, scooped Lanie up and we went to the mountains. My baby was still drugged up and needed some rest and relaxation so my friends loaned me their cabin. They are A+++!!!! We did virtually nothing all weekend. I promised not to tell anyone but Scott and I actually did a 1000 piece puzzle. Thats the excitement. And it was fantastic!


Claire said...

well, i obviously feel like a supreme dickhead for missing your birthday, but rest assured i will be making it up to you very, very soon. in two weeks, in fact!

soozinsta said...

Ah, crap, your birthday! I fail!

Happy Birthday Lori! I'm glad you got and do puzzles since you're so elderly.

Diana said...

Uhm, that photo at the top is the best shit ever.