Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The nicest thing EVER!

This past weekend I participated in the Art-B-Que in Avondale Estates. It was about a thousand degrees outside but was a lot of fun! So my next door neighbor was Chris Hamer These guys came to visit him and pick up a FANTASTIC commissioned piece. They have like 6 of his paintings. Anyway, they brought a present and it was the photo from the botanical gardens that you see. Its GORGEOUS! I love love love it and I said I wanted to buy one. They seemed a little hesitant but I insisted that I would email them about it. I don;t usually love photography at shows so it must REALLY speak to me. And this one did. Maybe it was the wonderful raised mat that really brought it out but I had to have one. Well, Sunday, here come Chris's fans again. And guess what?!!!! They brought one for me! Its about 16x20 framed and so wonderful! I can't decide if it will go in the living room or the dining room but it's going on the wall TONIGHT! See the picture I took of it. Sorry about the reflections, I'm not a pro.

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