Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010

Target Corporation

1000 Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN 55403-2542

RE: Atlanta Midtown Store Complaint 6-5-2010

To Whom It May Concern:

First let me say I am a fan of Target Stores. I have almost always had a pleasant shopping experience (except for the final price after I am lured in by wonderful items). On June 5th I changed my view, and I hope you can help this be a temporary ripple in an otherwise wonderful relationship.

On that Saturday night I met a friend at your Atlanta Midtown store located at 375 18th Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30363-1190. I went in and browsed until said friend arrived. We bought some candy, some snacks, and debated some other items but we would come back the next day for real shopping. We left in one car and went over to Atlantic Station for a bit. When we returned we noticed my car was missing and there was a tow truck in the process of removing another car. I looked around for a sign that had said no parking and it was TINY!

I understand that your lot is not a parking garage for the masses but I feel I was wronged. Most lots that actively tow have a very prominent sign. The average tow warning sign is 9x12 from what I have seen out and about. So, because the one teeny tiny sign was not obvious when the lot was full, I ended up spending all of Saturday night trying to locate my car, go home to get my registration, go to the tow company…My car was there only 2 hours past closing (not more that 3 hours total). So there I am, carless in a bad neighborhood. I feel if you are going to tow then you need much more prominent signs, and you need to wait a fair amount of time to activate the tow process. In fact, there have been many times we choose to meet at other Targets and leave one car there, and almost every time I spend money with you.

I have spent 1000’s, probably 10’s of 1000’s at your stores in my lifetime. I would like to continue to give my money to you. But right now I am so angry that I would rather shop at Walmart and the grocery store. How can you make us a team again? Well, you could give my 135 bucks back. I know you won’t do that since that money went to A-Tow. I’m not sure what kind of kick-backs they give you for the right to drag car after car out of there, but I’ll bet you can afford to give me a credit of $135 to spend at your store. That is how we can be friends again. $135 cash or $135 gift card. Until then I will go elsewhere for my toiletries, tank tops, socks, pet foods, gardening goods, etc. There are many other stores that are quite convenient for me to shop at.

Please consider my request as it is not done lightly. If you would like to discuss this matter you can contact me at xxxxxx or xxxxx. My address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I look forward to a positive result from this horrible experience.

Angrily Yours,

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