Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Costa Rica- Day 1

Woohoo! We arrived in San Jose on a Saturday afternoon around 12pm. We took Spirit Air and I want to point out that they are like the dollar store compared to Target. You will ultimately end up paying the same as flying Delta if you factor in layovers, airport food, time hanging out waiting for layovers, and baggage. We crammed 3 people's stuff into 2 suitcases and checked them because they charge for carry-ons. If we flew Delta direct it would have cost 500 more over 3 people but once you factor in 160 bucks for bags, 3 meals there, 2 meals back, some beers and your 4 hours waiting, Delta would have been a better choice. Be warned.

So the first thing we did was get a rental car. We had arranged one through a small company called Target Car Rental and they were GREAT! They picked us up at the airport and got us situated and set up on GPS and off we go! We went directly to Walmart and bought a crappy little disposable phone "just in case". The Walmart is scary. It was super empty and there were armed guards everywhere and a giant fence to stop an invasion. If it was the Walking Dead that is where I would go. Inside it looked just like Walmart is supposed to look but with weirder fruit and all summer clothes. Oh, and no craft section.
So, after Walmart we headed to Puntarenas, which is about 1 1/2 hours away from San Jose. This is a port town for cruises and the place to cathc the ferry to the Nicoya Peninsula. It is NOT a final destination. There's not much. Boring beaches, neighborhoods, and judging by the fencing and razor wire there's a lot of crime. We stayed at the Las Brisas which was not a 5 star by any means. But it had 4 beds (yes, 4) and air conditioning and it was just a night there. For the price it wasn't a great choice but I am scared to think what a cheaper place would look like. At least it included breakfast for 139 bucks a night!
Once we got to the hotel and lightly settled we went out on the town. By this, we mean we went and found the closest bar/restaurant and sat by the water drinking delicious fruit beverages or beers while eating ceviche and calamari. After dinner we walked the strip and just appreciated the town for what we could. There were lots of people out as it was the weekend. Lots of meat on sticks being sold, sunglasses, and just a good walking area. On the walk home we took the neighborhood route to see that side. Every house had fencing completely encasing their courtyard or garage. They were all like tiny jails with intricate iron work or chain link. sometimes there were decorative cement bricks building a wall or ever razor wire. Theft is pretty bad around there I am guessing. I slept good after all the travel.

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