Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Costa Rica- Day 2 the ferry

Taking the ferry is cool but disorganized. You have to get your car in line and sit there in the heat and wait for the man to bring you a laminated piece of paper. THEN, you take the paper to the office and pay. There are lots of people trying to sell you hats and fat little old toothless ladies shoving sunglasses at you. And dogs. They are everywhere. I love them. So the ferry took about 1 hour and 10 minutes and then we were off! Scott is the best driver for these situations because he was a bike messenger for years and he is fearless. He just steps on the gas and goes! Swerving around the bigger dips, shifting for hills and sliding to a stop to let the car coming the other way use the single lane bridge. Sometimes you might go around a corner and there's a cow in the road. Sometimes there is a festival caravan with a band and decorated oxen. You never really know what to expect except that it is a very bumpy dusty ride. We made it to Santa Teresa just in time to have some beers! I'll post more on Santa Teresa tomorrow

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