Thursday, March 15, 2012

Costa Rica days 2-5 part 1

We stayed at the Zula Aparthotel while we were at Santa Teresa for the next few days. This is a no frills little complex where we got our own tiny house with a kitchen. The place had a common area that was one bedroom connected to the kitchen andyou can walk through to get to the other bedroom. The bathroom connected the 2 rooms. It worked fine although the beds weren't to most comfy in the world. The kitchen was sparse but really had what you needed (unless you wanted to make blender drinks). We had a Toast-R-oven and a double burner hot plate. Every day Scott made us delicious breakfasts! In Costa Rica you can buy bundles of eggs in 10's or you can buy single eggs. Be careful getting them home! I carried my 2 eggs in my hand.
Each morning you could hear howler monkeys in the trees nearby. There were kitties and all kinds of pretty colorful birds. I got up at dawn each day and sat by the pool watching birds, listening to monkies and enjoying the sounds before it got too hot. The funny blue bird is an urracca. I have no idea what the yellow one was. I never saw a toucan or a sloth. Next time...

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