Monday, May 21, 2012

The trip to La Fortuna.

 Heading back across the gulf i just relaxed a bit.  We had to leave really early to catch the ferry and there really weren't any food places.  i ended up grabbing some weird chinesey- central american stir fry thing.  Really I should have held out for some meat on sticks.  yum meat on sticks!
 Once we were across we hopped on our route.  Or so we thought.  It actually took a really long time to get to the next place to stay which was in La fortuna.  We had to stop for directions at a place who had this awesome bridge out back!

 The trip was super pretty but the winding roads made me want to puke for about 3 hours.  This is the volcano lake and basically we drove to the other side.  Cows just hang out on the side of the road.

 There are also these funny critters.  Coatimundi.  They are like raccoons and very social.  They know the game so they swarm the road in packs and come to the car begging for food.  I love them and wanted to bring one home but Scott wouldn't let me.

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