Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zip Line! Montezuma, costa Rica

 The view down the line
 Getting ready!
 Dad goes first!
 I don;t like rides OR heights but I did it for the sake of family time.  I almost cried once and I also had a heart attack but I made it!  PS- ladies, wears shorts.  A skort does not work well.

 There was a swimming hole halfway.  If we knew about how hard it would be to climb the steps back to the line we probably would have skipped it.  not really, but it was pretty deep in the ravine!

I recommend the zipline if you ever come across one.  It isn't something I want to do always but it was well worth the money and time! Dad and Scott said "i could do this every day!

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Gary LaPointe said...

If you're still there a few more days you should check out Montezuma (my favorite place on the planet) and the bottom of the waterfalls. Where the rope swing is the pool top of a 40 foot waterfall, then there is another 90 foot waterfall below the pool that the 40 foot fall makes. From the parking lot (by las cascades hotel) it's a 20 minute (30?) hike up the river to get to that spot (and it's probably an easier walk than what you did to get around the zip lines and to get to those upper two falls).