Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Favorite Old People in the World

I love this photo! This is Babcia and Dzaidek. Those aren't their names, but rather it means grandma and grandpa in Polish. They are Sarah's grandparent's and they are awesome. I recently met this adorable couple on a trip to NC to visit the NC State Fair, Claire, the lemurs, and the bees.

Babcia and Dzaidek are amazing and strong people. They told me (in strong Polish accents) about the German's taking them from Poland to work on the farms at age 16. After the war was over they were allowed to go anywhere. But they feared that going home to Poland would result in going home to Siberia because Poland was run by Russia at the time. They told of how incredibly hard it was when they got here, they knew no one and no one would help them with anything. Hearing her speak about the past and how hard it was to get by here with nothing- no spoon, no oven, no English. I'm so glad I met this amazingly sweet and strong little couple. They make me wish I had really known my own grandparents.

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