Thursday, October 18, 2007

Slow Days at Work

Sometimes I have an incredibly slow day at work. Today half the office was out due to a training course. Then there were some meetings and vacations and therefore, it was very quiet and very slow. Sooooo, I learned about the macro setting on the fancy work camera. It took a bit of time but I think I figured that out. I need to work on the lighting but I would like to blame the dim pics on the overcast day.

Here's a nice shot of the tissue covers I made for those little kleenex packs we carry in our purses. You can buy them on my etsy shop. Heh heh, what a disgustingly shameless plug.


MadeByAmanda said...

Are those tiny little skull and crossbones? How funny!

Sara Salmongirl said...

I love these! And I love that you're blogging! Here's hoping some of those fabulous portraits you're known for taking/modeling will make it on here. :)