Sunday, October 28, 2007


Ah Halloween...its my favorite holiday! I love love love costumes and playing dress-up. This year i decided to be a chicken and it was sooo easy and comfortable! I'm sick of the slutty pirates, the sexy devils, the naughty whatevers...I go practical and funny.
You may ask yourself "How did she make that awesome costumes?" Well, I'll tell you.
You need certain supplies: feather boas, a white hoodie, a tutu, aluminum foil, masking tape and spray paint, and some tights (optional). I found my white hoodie at the thrift store for 3 bucks. I attached 2 large boas to it with safety pins. The first went down the arms and the second went around the hood and down the fronts. Next I attached 2 large boas and 2 skinny boas to the tutu. I would have just used large boas but Atlanta is out of white boas.
To make the mark I smashed some aluminum foil to my face, then i carefully removed it, cut out eyes and then coated it- front and back- with masking tape. This makes it sturdy. I tied some elastic to it, spray painted it white with an orange beak and then tapes a couple of stray feathers to it for good measure. While i was spray painting, I misted some tights with orange. They used to be a gross super-bright yellow and after my other tights blew out, I went with these. (Note: it is not advisable to spray paint tights while you are wearing them. I now have Linsey Lohan colored polka dots all over my lower half and I have to go to the gynecologist for my annual exam tomorrow - sorry TMI.) The costume took me a while to collect the pieces but really could have been assembled in a few easy hours in front of the TV.
To the left, I am showcasing 2 other awesome handmade costumes. The rainbow and the pot of gold (with their signature leprechaun) were awesome. So were the garden gnomes and their wizard. A++++ on all counts!

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

My niece is going as a chicken as well! great minds and all are soo cool!

Anonymous said...

potatos grow in the ground